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Fat Friday: Week 28

Guys, this week has been really busy. I have been hitting the overtime hard to save money for Disney, and when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve basically been at home watching the football, or been eating. I know, what a life. I have heard some suspicious rumours that there is an upcoming mini heatwave. I’d like a bit of sun and warmth, but i would take reliably clear right now, not going to ask and beg for too much.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I aim to improve my life for the better!

This week has been all about getting through it and out the other side. There have been some big changes and some big news at work that has meant overtime has become a good thing to do, and banking the hours has proved to be lucrative. It’s meant lots of long days and anti-social hours, but it will be worth it when I am in Disney with lots of money to spend.

Speaking of Disney, the countdown is very much on. We’re under 200 days to go! Yep, you read that right, less than 200 days until Emma and I are in the most magical place on earth. We’re starting to plan our dining reservations ready for My Disney Experience to open for the days we’re there, and we’re looking into Disney Bounding outfits. For those not in the know, Disney does not allow costumes for those over the age of 14 (I think, it might be a little younger) so people dress up in the same block colours as their chosen character to channel the look rather than actually dress as them. It’s pretty cool, so we’re thinking about doing it on at least a couple of the days.

The impending Disney trip is starting to scare me a little with reference to this trip. I really wanted to lose a lot more weight by now, and I am completely stuck at this point. I am doing bits of exercise, and eating healthy at home, but I went out for breakfast last week, and I still have a lot of chocolate left. I think I am going to try and crack down again. I can feel the want brewing again, and also the disappointment in what I have do far achieved. I just basically want to lose more weight and feel fitter before we go. C’mon Liz.

On the subject of long awaited change, you may have noticed that my blog theme/interface is changing. I posted about this earlier this week, my blog is currently under construction. I am trying to make it more user friendly, and to make it showcase the things my blog is mainly about. Makes sense right? My old theme wasn’t working anymore, so I’ve taken the plunge, and I’m now trying to make the pages and indexes I want to be visible! I think doing this, and maybe getting the weightloss journey back on track will make me feel better.

I also finally broke my blogging streak. I really love my blog, and have been blogging every day for five months but in the last few weeks it has felt less enjoyable and more like a chore. I’ve taken more time to make it look and behave like I want, and taken time out to actually read and enjoy what I am writing, rather than feeling like I have to put something out in the world because I have done every day for so long. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t keep it going, but already feel like I will be putting better content out overall.

WEIGHT: This week: 0lb Total: -21.5lb

EXERCISE: 1 Session: 1x Zumba

MOOD: Overtimed out

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Easter eggs

HINTS/TIPS of the week: Hot chocolate is great before bed

One more week of overtime, and then it’s back to the grindstone. I am going to be brutal with my snacking again, and I am going to cut down on everything. I know it will be worth it, and I finally think I am getting to the right point. Any help, advice, and support is always appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Fat Friday: Week 28”

  1. Disney planning is almost as fun as Disney itself! I will join you…. I just need a different day and catchy title because today I locked into “metaphysical Friday” lol Maybe Fat Tuesday since that’s really a thing!

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