Travel in Retrospect is Under Construction

Hi Folks! I have a little bit of an announcement to make! I’ve decided to take the plunge and make some changes to my blog. I debated the pros and the cons in a Blog Spring Clean post a while a go, and have opted to go ahead and make some alterations. It’s a little bit scary, a lot exciting, and a fair amount more work than I hoped but things are moving and grooving, finally!

First things first, I decided to buy my domain. I have been toying with this for a few months seriously, and longer off-handedly. I was split between moving and hosting my blog elsewhere, or staying with WordPress and buying the next package level. If I’m honest with you all, I am far from a technical whizz, and as I am still not sure where I want my blog to go or really what I want it to be, I thought settling for the next package. I like WordPress as a host, and even thought I know it’s quite expensive when you progress up the package levels, they provide an interface I know and understand, and it means I can keep everything I had before. This may change again down the line, I might make more sweeping decisions, but for now, this is right for me.

My theme, however, is not. I love my old theme (fictive for those inclined to know) and really didn’t want to get rid of it. Sadly, it no longer functioned in a way I wanted it to, and didn’t have the menu settings I was hoping and looking for. It did give me a basis for what I did want though. I like the central scrolling column, I like the orange-y colour scheme, I like the fixed information and widgets in a sidebar, but I wanted a better menu system at the top of my blog that clearly and concisely shows what my blog is about, and provides an easy system to navigate through my content. So, after a while deciding I’ve settled on Dara.

The pros: I am happier. I found it hard to find what I was looking for on my blog, so, how was anybody else supposed to. I really like having my own domain, there is something about dropping the that makes you feel like your blog is that much more official. My menus are coming along, and I feel like the whole look is much more aligned to how I want my blog to look.

The cons: It’s taking time. A lot of the pages that I have decided I want to navigate to don’t yet exist. Review Indexes and Destination Indexes are taking time to create, and are leaving incomplete pages on my live website that I am not yet happy with. I don’t like the fact that I’ve launched the new look site without finishing it, but know this was necessary to make it look and act like I want it to in the long run.

So yes, things are really a-changing around here. I’m still going to be posting as normal, but I’m also going to be adding, removing, and tweaking different aspects until I’m happy things are how I want them. I really hope you stick around as I (hopefully) improve things, and hopefully I will see you on the other side!

As always, any advise, tips, and support is hugely appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Travel in Retrospect is Under Construction”

  1. Ooooh exciting. I’ll have to look next time I’m on the computer (can’t see anything in the mobile reader but the posts).

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