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T5W: Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Crossover

So, I’m back to posting the actual topic of the week, because this week there is an awesome crossover theme linking other forms of media other than books. I love me a good book, but, I also really enjoy a solid Science fiction world or foreign fantasy land, and done well they are equally as magical, and sometimes more memorable than those capture within the pages of a book. So, this week, I have embraced the Science Fiction and Fantasy crossover, and looked into some of my favourite SFF world’s in the media!

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1. Star Wars

I mean what media SFF crossover topic is going to be complete without the world’s and the moons and the races and the ships and the all round awesomeness that is the world of Star Wars? It is always going to be the Sci-Fi world to beat, and is always evolving as the films are released.

2. Firefly

I am a certified Firefly nut. The worlds, moons, and ships are completely new and awesome, and even though the series is over a decade old, they’re still fresh and fun to explore as the show progresses. One of the best TV Sci-Fi worlds.

3. Portal

I am a bad gamer. I am not very good at it, and if I am honest I don’t love it. When it comes to Portal, however, the game is changed. The Aperture Science Enrichment Center is a completely unique Science Fiction puzzle dome full of exciting challenges and portal doors. It is a great example of science being used for entertainment.

4. Asgard/MCU Space

OK, I know, these world’s technically come from the graphic novels and the comic books, but as I haven’t read many of the ones that incorporate these world’s, I’m pretending that it doesn’t count. Guardian’s fot he Galaxy has some of the prettiest Space-y Wace-y shots in history, the scenes with Dr. Strange stuck in a universal time loop is stunningly beautiful, as are the bending world’s and universe, and then there is the incredibly spectacular city of Asgard. MCU knows how to do it!

5. Dr. Who

OK, Gallifrey is definitely pretty awesome, but let’s be honest, so is the T.A.R.D.I.S. I think we would all like to be in the Dr. Who universe, getting to hang around flying through space and time meeting new people, exploring new places, discovering new planets. It’s amazing!

Honorable Mentions

There are some world’s that are really based in the normal world but have an element of fantasy that I really like. I haven’t truly counted them, because they’re not true SFF world’s, but they’re too awesome and fun not to mention:

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates are awesome, and The Pirates of the Caribbean is quite literally my favourite film ever. There is a fountain of youth and a compass that points to the thing you desire most, there are magic zombie coins and growing voodoo women, there are mermaids and a kraken. I mean what more could you want?

Once Upon a Time

The world of Storybrooke is pretty much your average American town, but when the stories themselves come alive and we delve into the world of make believe, the Enchanted forest comes to life with some of the world’s worst special effects. Somehow, this makes it all the better and more enjoyable. Nope, can’t explain it but I dig it.

What are your favourite crossover SFF world’s?

5 thoughts on “T5W: Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Crossover”

    1. I adore Portal and Mass Effect and was really split whether to go down the Citadel route but it had to be Portal in the end haha.
      We all think and remember different things when we do these. I completely forgot Monsters Inc/University until now!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Game trailers always make me wish that I was a gamer because the stories look amazing lol. I’d have to add star trek to my list alongside star wars.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wish I was a gamer, I only ever mastered Portal, was OK at Mass Effect and was the best there ever was at Disney Car Races for PS1. That was it haha. The stories are pretty cool in games
      I thought about Star Trek but it doesn’t mean as much to me

      Liked by 1 person

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