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Fat Friday: Week 24

Good evening everybody, how are we all? I realise that this makes me sound like an old person, but, aren’t the nights getting lighter? I commute at any point between 5am-10:30pm, depending on my work shift, so it makes a huge difference to my mood if I drive in the light, and it also makes me feel like I haven’t spent the whole of the day in the office! And as the days get longer, the weather turns, and we all end up happier. Yay! That’s the theory at least!

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I aim to improve my life for the better!

This week has been really good, I’ve had a blast (in all other terms except weight loss and fitness). Let’s start with the weekend just gone. I was off, completely off on both Saturday and Sunday. Emma was in the North East, visiting her parent for Mother’s Day weekend, and I didn’t have huge plans. Yes, the football result was pretty rubbish and not at all what I wanted, but it was nice to be able to sit with my family and watch the match. I managed to get some nice flowers for my Mum, and the plant I wanted to get for my Nan, and was ready to rock and roll for Mother’s Day.

Naturally, I was spending some of Mother’s Day with my Mum and my Gran. I actually got dressed up, did my make-up and hair, and went to my parent’s house ready for a meal out. It was nice to be able to gift my presents, and treat my Mum (we’re going for a spa day next week, so I added Afternoon Tea as a treat). We all met up and went to a restaurant in the local golf course. The Old Stables is somewhere we’ve been before as a family and really like, and I have to say the food was pretty good. I opted for 3 courses: Smoked fishcake and poached egg to start, Roast beef with veggies, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding as a main course, and sticky toffee pudding and ice cream to finish. The whole thing was pretty delicious, if fattening. We had a good day, a nice laidback mothering Sunday. How was yours?

I have been completing a week of progression at work which has meant more responsibility, and has definitely meant learning more once again. Work has been quite different of late, I have been learning a lot and training on new systems, I have been learning new roles, and although it has been hard work and a little more stress than usual, I’ve had a lot more to sink my teeth into. I certainly have a much greater understanding about the company as a whole.

The added bonus of being on the duty desk is a less rigid timetable when in work. This means that meal times are much easier to define, allowing me to try and eat at similar times every day. I find eating at the same time allows me to establish a routine, and in theory this should help me lose weight. The problem this week has also been the desire to snack. When I first started Fat Friday, I was determined and found the whole thing easier than I expected, but as the weeks have passed by, I have found it harder and harder to not snack.

In addition to snacking, I have been out for 3 meals this week. One, mother’s day, was completely planned, and I probably could have held back a little, but I knew it would be a big meal and decided to forgo breakfast to enjoy it fully. On Wednesday, I went to see Wicked at The Liverpool Empire. The show was really good, and as it was timed at such a time that Emma couldn’t easily get home and back in to town, we decided to use my new taste card (which I won, go me!) at a restaurant we’ve never been to. I had the most amazing burger at Wildwood Kitchen (Wild Boar and Chorizo) followed by brownie and mint choc chip ice cream, which I 100% didn’t need to eat, but absolutely wanted to taste. One the same day, at lunch, I went to a lovely pub with my parents, Aunt and Uncle, and had an incredible coronation chicken and smoked bacon sandwich.

Yes, outside of these meals I have made an effort to cook and eat. I’ve made lots of roasted vegetables, and risotto meals, and have thought about what has gone into my food, but also given in to the takeway drive at work. It’s been an odd food week to say the least. I have now run out of Pepperidge Farm cheddar fish, and have no notable snacks in the house, so I just need to try and stop eating.

I have embraced the weather this week, however, and got out and walked. I was going to go to the gym on Tuesday morning, but it was a really nice day so I went for a walk in the local park instead. One Wednesday, I accompanied my parents on a walk with my Aunt and Uncle near their house. I like getting outside and really enjoy a good walk, so it was nice to be able to spare the time and not feel trapped indoors while I exercised. As the year goes by I am hoping to go on more and more walks, and see more and more places in the UK on said walking adventures.

I am losing patience with the gym if I am being honest. I find it soul destroying, which stops me wanting to go back. I have embraced Zumba as much as I ever will, and it’s fun, but it operates at restricted times, which means I can’t guarantee I can go. The same happens with Aquacise. It operates at restrictive times, which means I can only go once every few weeks. I know I could swim more than I do, but the cold has put me off recently, and my foot has put me off running because the pain is too much. I do bits and bobs of yoga, but I don’t love it, so I struggle to motivate myself to do a class or video when I don’t love doing it.

WEIGHT: This week: +2.5lb Total: -20.5lb

EXERCISE: 2 Sessions: 2x walk

MOOD: Frustrated

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Paprika tomato, chorizo and prawns

HINTS/TIPS of the week: Get outdoors

The disengagement factor has really hit me this week. During weeks when I am on my period, I always eat more, and gain a few pounds, so it’s not a surprise that this week is not going well, but the combination of this fact, and my loss of motivation has really hit me (in a week that has otherwise been great!) Why have I found myself in a rut? I can’t seem to budge past this weight, and just yo-yo around it, and I don’t feel healthier or fitter. I arguably feel worse about the whole thing than when I started because I don’t seem to be going anywhere or doing anything, even though I undoubtedly eat less, hydrate better, and exercise more than when I started.

As you can see, this week has not been a great week in the weight loss department. After breaking the barrier I was hoping to go through, I just built it straight back up and put the weight straight back on. Frustration is 100% starting to build, so I really need to try and get back on track or I fear I will lose sight of any possible progress or previous success, and potentially give up. I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to stop, I want to lose a lot more weight and feel less crap, but right now I don’t know what more I can do without severely impacting my current quality of life/spare time and making myself even more miserable.

I promise I didn’t mean to be so miserable today, but there we go. I know all people hit walls like this during weight loss and that it is important to move past them or you will stop all together. I am hoping that these posts will keep me accountable and keep me going, but for the first time this was a chore to write, I just didn’t want to put the effort in or be bothered to record yet another week of no progress. I ma beginning to get annoyed with myself a lot about it, and have reached the point where I am miserable when I try and miserable when I don’t try. Urgh, life is hard.

4 thoughts on “Fat Friday: Week 24”

  1. OK so a bit of weight gain but that food seriously looks worth it!
    I’m the same, I hate exercising in my house and the gym is too depressing for words. I hope the weather warms up a bit so I can get outdoors more. I have a load of gardening to do so that should burn a few calories.
    Keep going!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I felt crap last week, not gonna lie, but I’m trying to bounce back 🙂
      I think the brighter weather is helping, nothing quite like getting out in the garden or going for a walk. I’m also off work this week thanks to some fortuitous holiday day taking so I’ve made progress with some of the house.
      I’ll get There, thanks so much for the support!!

      Liked by 1 person

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