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The 140 Character Review: February 2018 in Books

Well that’s another month down, and another set of brand new books that have been enjoyed. February was a mixed month, it’s been cold, and windy, and short, and work has been busy, but I have read some really great stories and experienced some awesome writing. I’ve already fully reviewed some of the books that I have read in February, but I enjoy writing these mini reviews so here we are. I am hoping to be able to get some reading done this weekend, who wants to go out in this snow and cold weather if they can sit inside and read instead? Exactly!

The 140 Character Review is my short and concise way of expressing my feelings on watch I watch and read. Throwing it back to the original twitter limit of 140 characters, I try to summarise my opinions to tweet length. To read other 140 Character Review posts, click here.

The Handmaid’s Tale | Margaret Atwood

Powerful, unsettling, spectacular. Worryingly sensical, and terrifyingly relatable. Dystopian done well is almost magical, well done Atwood

The Intruder | P S Hogan (full review here)

Disappointing and dislikeable. Creepy in all the wrong ways, and not at all my cup of tea. Shame, because the premise was amazing and unique

It Only Happens In The Movies | Holly Bourne

Light, fluffy, everything you could want, without becoming sickening. More enjoyable than I expected, and of better quality

Life On Air:Memoirs of a Broadcaster | Sir David Attenborough (full review here)

Rich in enjoyment and knowledge. Awakens the thirst for adventure. Increases my admiration of Attenborough. Brilliantly written and narrated

Moonrise | Sarah Crossan (full review here)

A great story, unexpected! Enjoyable throughout a sad story, with wonderfully dislikaeble characters. The verse felt gimmicky and just a USP

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy #3)Leigh Bardugo

Great end to a great trilogy. Powerful characters and travelling story. I’m gonna miss the Grishaverse! Sturmhond and the Darkling are ❤

Ready Player One | Ernest Cline 

WOW. Worryingly believable and possible, thoroughly gripping and immersive. Diverse characters and world building. Loved it! A Must Read!

What have you been reading?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?


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