Adulting: Spring Clean

Yesterday, I posted all about my blog. I posted about the changes I wanted to make, and I posted about the big decisions I have ahead for how I want my blog to be. It made me think about my life as a whole. Now, stay with me here, it’s not going to be quite as deep as I made it sound there, but, why stop at an e-spring clean? My bedroom looks like a nuclear bomb detonated a series of hand grenades in every drawer and wardrobe and then a group of monkeys were released to reek havoc with any available piece of clothing. I know you’re probably thinking that’s an exaggeration, but the photos later will show you that I’m not joking.

My car is also creeping along the untidy scale at an alarming rate. I’ve had Pedro for about 6 months now, and I vowed to keep him clean and tidy. I was doing relatively well, he was quite tidy and pretty clean (at least on the inside) for quite a long time, but over the last couple of weeks, he has just suddenly began breeding rubbish. I know my car needs cleaning on the outside because I drive far each day between fields, and it is pretty dusty, but inside was always nice and neat. Now as that’s changing, it’s starting to stress me out a little, which in turn has stressed me out about my room.

In 2017, I set some pretty big goals and resolutions to keep the house cleaner and tidier, and keep my car respectable. I don’t want to lie to you, I don’t think I did a brilliant job, certainly not one that I can write home about, so, the same resolutions and goals have appeared on my 2018 list once again.

I started off alright, well, I mean I did some stuff. The bathroom was thoroughly cleaned, and de-moulding was attempted. The spare room was completely re-arranged, and all of my Christmas stuff was piled in. The dining room was sorted, ish, to actually open up the room. (OK, more stuff has now been put in there, but that doesn’t count, yet). I sorted my books completely so that I have more room around the house to put them away. Emma and I had a grand old day out at IKEA to buy furniture and picture frames for my gallery wall. The problem is that it isn’t all tidied and the space isn’t all there to actually put it all up yet.

Now, the downstairs is beginning to take shape. The dining room, recent delivery aside, is really look good. We’ve minimised the amount that is dumped there, and tried to make feature areas, full of pictures and travel items. The table is relatively clear (aside from my photo frames which have been placed there while I tidy my room), and it just looks better. The living room, well, it’s still got lots of books and DVDs and it always will have, but they have been sorted and they now fit onto the shelves. We’ve got rid of a load of the DVD’s and donated them, so it made some space, and we’ve sorted the space below the shelves too. I also made my Disney display shelved and the CD shelves look like they’re displayed something, and less like a load of stuff is shoved on there.

The kitchen is pretty much never perfect, but, I am trying to stay on top of the washing up. I say this knowing that next door there is a lot of unwashed pots, pans, and plates, but on the whole I am trying to stay as close to the tidy train when it comes to the kitchen. It stresses us out when it’s a mess, so it’s just better all round when it’s tidy. The same goes for the bathroom, I am doing my best to try and slowly make it cleaner and tidier and de-moulded, because it makes us feel better, and no-one wants black mould if they can remove it.

The problem is my bedroom and the spare room. The back room has lots of my Christmas presents and unsorted washing in it that’s waiting to go away in my bedroom, but the problem is my room isn’t tidy. It’s not even remotely tidy, and it keeps getting to the point where I can start and finish it quickly so I simply don’t bother. My wardrobe is more of a floordrobe, I can’t find important documents because they’re scattered in a variety of piles, and I stand on stuff and either break it or hurt myself. It’s rubbish and it needs sorting. What’s the weirdest thing is that my books are perfectly in order. They’re completely straight, and ordered, and tidy. That’s how I want my room to be.

Once my room is done, I can finally plan the gallery walk I have wanted for ages. I can get the frames I have in the dining room up and onto my wall. I can finish the spare room and actually think about having an ordered upstairs as well as downstairs. I will know where everything is in my room and not have to run the plug gauntlet every time I walk in my room. And d’you know what, I will be able to get at the light-bulb in the main light in my room and actually see where I am going again. That will be nice. Clean clothes put away, knowing what I do and don’t own.

And then there is my car. Yes, that needs doing, and soon. I can hear things rattling and rolling around, and don’t know if it’s something in the car or something wrong with the car. Some of the footwells have filled with crap, and I don’t actually know what is in the boot at the moment. I would quite like to clean the outside of my car, so when I get my work bonus I might go crazy and get my car properly cleaned. I think having a clean car outside will make me tidy and clean the inside properly too, I don’t like to be ashamed of taking people in my car.

So yes, I think I really need to have a spring clean within my real life and not just online life. I would feel a lot better if I just sorted everything out and everything has it’s correct and tidy place. I know it would  make my housemate and parents a little happier too. C’mon Liz.


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