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Around the Year in 52 Books | 2018

Howdy folks, and welcome! Welcome to Liz tracks her progress with Around the Year in 52 books in a public place! Yes, you’ve probably guess is, but for those who haven’t worked it out, I am attempting to complete the Around the Year in 52 Books Reading Challenge. This challenge, the details of which can be found in this Goodreads Group. The guys who run this awesome challenge have set up 52 unique challenges, one for each week of the year, which an option to wildcard a single challenge from another readathon to replace one that’s too hard or time consuming to complete.

I attempted this challenge last year, but didn’t really think too much about what I was reading or what it was for, so I have started early in 2018, and tried to think a bit more about the challenges before picking my next book to read. To help keep me motivated and accountable, and also track which books I read for which challenge (and hopefully help some of you who are struggling with challenge ideas) I have decided to do a master post. Here’s my list:

  1. A book with the letters A, T, and Y in the title
    • It Only Happens at the Movies Holly Bourne
  2. A book from the first 10 books added to your TBR
    • The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas
  3. A book from the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards (link)
    • One Of Us Is Lying Karen M. McManus
  4. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #1 Earth (in title, cover, content, setting, author…)
    • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J K Rowling
  5. A book originally written in a language other than English
    • The Alchemist Paolo Coelho
  6. A book about or inspired by real events
    • In Cold Blood Truman Capote
  7. A Gothic Novel
  8. An ‘own voices’ novel
    • The Wedding Date Jasmine Guillory
  9. A book with a body part in the title (heart, bones, teeth, skin, blood, etc)
    • Cross Her Heart Sarah Pinborough
  10. An author’s debut book (their first book to be published)
    • Ready Player One Ernest Cline
  11. A literary fiction
  12. A book set in Africa or South America
    • Exile by James Swallow
  13. A book with a plot centered around a secret (forbidden love, spies, secret societies, etc)
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J K Rowling
  14. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #2 Fire
    • Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident Eoin Colfer
  15. A book with an unique format/writing structure
    • Moonrise Sarah Crossan
  16. A narrative nonfiction
    • So Close To Being The Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know Retta
  17. A book you expect to make you laugh
    • Roomies Christina Lauren
  18. A book with a location in the title
    • The Watchmaker of Filigree Street Natasha Pulley
  19. A book nominated for the Edgar Award or by a Grand master author (books & authors)
    • The Secret Adversary Agatha Christie
  20. A book rated 5 stars by at least one of your friends
    • Theatrical Maggie Harcourt
  21. A book written in first person perspective
    • Siege and Storm Leigh Bardugo
  22. A book you have high expectations or hope for
    • Hangman Daniel Cole
  23. A medical or legal thriller
  24. A book with a map
    • City of Ghosts V E Schwab
  25. A book with an antagonist/villain point of view
    • The Intruder P S Hogan
  26. A book with a text only cover
    • Very Good Lives J K Rowling
  27. A book about surviving a hardship (war, famine, major disasters, serious illness, etc)
    • The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood 
  28. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #3 Water
    • Frenchmans’s Creek Daphne du Maurier
  29. A book with a “Clue” weapon on the cover or title (lead pipe, revolver, rope, candlestick, dagger, wrench)
    • Vicious V E Schwab
  30. A short book
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox Roald Dahl
  31. A book set in a country you’d like to visit but have never been to
    • The Dark Tourist Dom Joly
  32. An alternate history book
  33. A book connected (title, cover, content) to a word “born” in the same year as you (link) BESTIE
    • Love and Other Words Christina Lauren
  34. A suggestion from the AtY 2018 polls, that didn’t win but was polarizing or a close-call (link)
    • Ruin and Rising Leigh Bardugo
  35. A book featuring a murder
    • The One Kiera Cass
  36. A book published in the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018) by an author you haven’t read before
    • Ragdoll Daniel Cole
  37. A Women’s Prize for Fiction winner or nominee (link + link)
  38. A science book or a science fiction book
    • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe Lauren James
  39. A book with a form of punctuation in the title
    • Six Machine: I Don’t Like Cricket…I Love It Chris Gayle
  40. A book from Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime list (link)
    • Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer
  41. A book by an author with the same first and last initials
    • Fangirl Rainbow Rowell
  42. A book that takes place on, in, or underwater
    • The Girl from Everywhere Heidi Heilig
  43. A book with a title that is a whole sentence
    • Elizabeth is Missing Emma Healey
  44. A ghost story
    • Rivers of London Ben Aaronovitch
  45. A book that intimidates/ scares you
    • American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis
  46. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #4 Air
    • Life on Air: Memoirs of a Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough
  47. A book where the main character (or author) is of a different ethnic origin, religion, or sexual identity than your own
    • The Wedding Date Jasmine Guillory
  48. A book related to one of the 7 deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth)
    • Sin City Vol. 7: Hell and Back Frank Miller
  49. A book from one of the Goodreads Best Books of the Month lists (link)
    • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue Mackenzi Lee 
  50. A book with a warm atmosphere (centered on family, friendship, love or summer)
    • Anne of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery
  51. An award-winning short story or short story collection
    • A Study in Emerald Neil Gaiman
  52. A book published in 2018
    • The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert

Are you taking part in Around the Year in 52 books?

What are you reading for each challenge?

Any suggestions or recommendations are hugely appreciated!


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