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24in48 Readathon | Updates

Hello fellow book lovers! Welcome to the world of 24in48, where there will be updates and reading abound (hopefully), snacking (definitely), and lots of chillaxing with a good book.

So with that in mind, what is it, how does it work, and who created this? Well, 24 in 48 has all the details, but simply, track reading as much as you can with the aim of it being 24hrs in 48hrs over the weekend. It’s low key, with few rules and even less pressure. You can read more, you can read less, it’s up to you. Once you’ve committed, sign up and track your own/other progress all over the internet.

In previous attempts, I’ve stuck to my own timezone, but I’m not so sure that’s a good idea this year, so, I think I’m going to shake it up a little bit this time, and do it on Eastern Time. I’ve always thought it best to do it on my own time, but I don’t want to miss out on the challenges, and it makes it easier to follow ‘hour 1, hour 2…’. We’ll see how it goes.

I wrote a sign up post a couple of days ago (which can be read here), but the books that were on there are completely different to what I am now planning to read, as I have finished Anne of Green Gables completely, and I am about 50ish pages from the end of Exile so realistically know that I am going to need some new novels to read. So, to start, my goals and revised TBR:


  • Finish 3 books/graphic novels
  • Read for 12 hours
  • Update regularly on social media and on an update post
  • Get involved in the community


  • Ruin and Rising Leigh Bardugo
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe Lauren James
  • V for Vendetta Alan Moore
  • The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood
  • The Intruder P S Hogan
  • The Double Eagle James Twining


5am/Hour 1: OK, so this is an auto-scheduled post. I am 100% not awake right now. But, it’s the start of this shindig, and I am excited in the land of nod. I finished Exile before I went to bed last night, perfect to start afresh with a new (physical) book for the readathon! Good luck to everyone taking part!

9am/Hour 4: I’m not sure that working in this time frame works already and I’m only just starting. Hmmm. Shower Time, IKEA prep Time, I’ve listened to precisely 2 mins of The Handmaid’s Tale this morning. That’s all. I’m not even trying to get close to 24hrs!

11am/Hour 6: I’ve met my Aunt and Mum for a drink and catch up in Marks and Spencer, and Emma and I have had an IKEA breakfast. God I love bacon!! I’m so glad we were up and out early because Saturday at IKEA is an experience. We’ve printed a list of the stuff and everything. I’ve done the challenge survey already, and I’m going to try and do some challenges. The first is a throwback to a book from your childhood, one that makes you nostalgic. I mean, there was only one choice!!

2pm/Hour 9: Car Tetris (also known as packing the car with all of the purchases you made in IKEA) went surprisingly Well, as did dropping off furniture at Emma’s work. Dad is coming home today, so we’ll watch the football as a family, and we’re home with plenty of the afternoon to spare for reading.

3pm/Hour 10: Dinner is cooked – we’re having chorizo and beef Chilli in the slow cooker – and the washing up is done. I’ve also finally done some reading. The Handmaid’s Tale is a really good book, and is brilliantly narrated by Joanna David, it’s proved a great listen while I’ve cracked on in the kitchen. Audio books are a lifesaver during this readathon!!

5pm/Hour 12: I am enjoying the challenges guys! They’re breaking up the readathon nicely, and remaining me of important stuff like awesome book openings. We all love a punchy first line, right?

I’ve started reading The Loneliest Girl in the Universe as I needed a book to physically read to accompany my Audio book. It’s too early to tell whether I’m going to like it. The cover is super pretty though, look:

7pm/Hour 14: I’m losing track with the hours we’re on. I’m, erm, I’m not doing so well with the whole reading business, but, I did join an awesome group called Crone Bloggers on Twitter and Discord. You should check out #CroneBloggers on Twitter for more info!

10pm/Hour 17: Hahaha I am failing so hard! I’ve read for just over 2hrs so far. That’s it. It’s bad. And I watched a farcical game of footbal that resulted in my team getting knocked out of the cup. I’m going to try and hit The Loneliest Girl in the Universe tonight before bed I think.

1am/Hour 20 (I think?): I’m so tired but I just couldn’t put The Loneliest Girl in the Universe down. It took me a little bit to get to grips with it but, boom went my brain. Wow. Glad I stayed up and finished it!!

The latest challenge has also gone up, the best TV/film adaptation of a book. For me currently, the best TV or film adaptation is Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. They’ve created an incredible vibe, embraced the ridiculousness and gone all out. It’s so awesome!!

10am/Hour 30: I stayed up super late last night to finish The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. MIND BLOWN. I just didn’t see the ending coming at all. I stayed up way later than I should have done but who cares, it was worth it! I’m a bit tired this morning and my back is sore, but hey ho.

12pm/Hour 32: Emma has been to the gym for a full Zumba class, and instead of working out, I have taken some pictures for a blog post, and I have sat looking at Instagram stories all morning. I really could have used the time more productively. Instead, I’m going to put off reading a bit longer to collect Emma from the gym and take her to New Look to pick up an order.

3pm/Hour 35: This is a readathon, where you’re supposed to read, so naturally we have put Pacific Rim on the TV and the urge to blog has taken over. I have just decided to give up on reading for this readathon and embrace the Kaiju, the Jaeger, and the blog writing. The urge to blog write like this happens so irregularly that I am just going with it. I’ve managed to schedule posts to go today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’ve nearly finished me January Wrap too, it’s all ready to go unless I read anything else before the end of the month.

5pm/hour 37: I haven’t read anything AT ALL today. I’m going to get no where near any of my goals (of reading 3 books, reading for 12 hours) but I have watched an awesome film, and I’ve managed to schedule posts to go today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’ve nearly finished me January Wrap too, it’s all ready to go unless I read anything else before the end of the month. Reading wise, this readathon has been a bust, but I have got some things done, so yay.

6pm/Hour 38: We’re going to see my Mum and Dad soon, because it’s nice to visit and stuff, but also because my Mum has made scouse. I don’t remember the last time I had scouse. I need to learn how to make it but also don’t think I could ever make it as good as her or my Gran.

8pm/Hour 40: Mum makes good scouse, and she did not disappoint because this was really good. For those not in the know, scouse is a bit like Irish stew, and is a dish that’s from my home city of Liverpool. Here’s a picture that in no way does it justice:

She also did a dessert of apple stew and custard. Some might say it’s almost baby food, I say, shove right off it was an amazing dinner and I bloody love apple stew!

10pm/Hour 42: When I wake up (at the painful time of 4:42am) the readathon will be almost over and I will have officially failed completely. I say that, I loved the only book I finished (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe) and I have made great strides with another book that I am enjoying (The Handmaid’s Tale) so I should probably be a little bit less harsh on myself. I also finished another blog post this evening – a review of Exile by James Swallow.

OK, so I finished a book that I loved, I wrote quite a few blog posts, I have planned my blogging schedule for the next two weeks, my Dad is home, I’ve watched and loved Pacific Rim, I’ve had a successful shop at IKEA, I’ve sorted my brother’s birthday presents, I have really connected with lots of new people in the online bookish community, and I have had a (kind of) relaxing weekend. Can’t say fairer than that?!

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