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The 140 Character Review: Welcome Back!

Guys, I read a lot books. I watch a lot of TV and film. I take into account other people’s opinions when I choose what to read and write, but I am quite bad at reviewing things myself. OK, I know not everyone is going to care what I think or what I say, but it’s nice to be able to give a little bit back to the bookish and TV/Film world, to review what I read/watch, and to keep a record of what it made me think at the time. This year, I’ve also set some pretty big goals and resolutions, namely reviewing everything I read, so I thought that a helping hand was needed.

So, with this in mind, I have decided to bring back my old blogging meme The 140 Character Review. Quite simply, it is a review that could be composed and completed within the length of a tweet (well, before they upped the character limit!) The time taken to review something in such a short format is a lot less than writing a full review, but it still captures my thoughts and feelings. I also find that writing with such a low count makes you think concisely and clearly about the media you have consumed. 

OK, so not all books I read are going to be suitable for The 140 Character Review. Some books just incite too much passion, or just need more characters to truly review, but, for those that don’t I will be posting regularly throughout the year. I am hoping to do a mixture of the most recent books, as well as going back to re-review some of my favourites of the past few years. Keep your eye out and feel free to join in! Here are a couple of previous examples:

Iron Man A brilliant egomaniac as the hero, amusing and clever throughout, geeky references abound, fantastic MCU origin, one of my favourite films.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J K Rowling Slightly darker, more gritty, and Voldemort-less, but so well woven. A brilliant story and some great character introductions

Vampire Academy Fairly poorly cast and acted, almost unwatchable and not a patch on the book, with Sherwood and Deutch the only vague saving graces

White Collar Suave, funny, intelligent, attractive, and that’s just Bomer’s Neal Caffrey. A brilliantly crafted show that is severely under the radar

Prison Break Addictive, crazy, thought through genius that becomes a tad convoluted and distinctly less believable as the show progresses

You get the idea, right? See you next time!


2 thoughts on “The 140 Character Review: Welcome Back!”

  1. This is a great idea although I’m honestly not sure it would take me less time. I think I’d spend just as long trying to condense it down haha.
    Maybe a header saying if they’re book /film /TV show though. I got a bit confused but then it is late so that’s my excuse

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    1. It does take longer than the post makes it seem, but it I like it, and think they’re fun to read at a later date.

      I do usually title it with a theme of what is in it 🙂 today’s was just a welcome back post.

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