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T5W: 2018 Bookish Resolutions

Welcome to the beginning of a New Year, to promises we hope to keep, adventures we hope to take, and books we hope to read. 2018 is upon us, can you believe January is here? If I am honest, January is my least favourite month of the year. It’s cold, it’s wet, everyone is in a Christmas slump, it’s financially difficult, and let’s be honest, everyone is ratty on their post Christmas diets. So, this year I am going to try and get out of a January funk and actually enjoy doing things, starting with reading.

If you want to find out more, or take part in, Top 5 Wednesday, click here to find Lainey and Samantha’s Goodreads page. 

As it is the beginning of 2018, it’s a time for goal setting and resolution making that will shape the year to come. On New Year’s Eve, I posted a full list of my resolutions and goals for 2018 (which can be enjoyed by clicking here). My full list has a whole host of things on there, but I decided to stick to a tradition I started last year and set some reading goals, so, here they are:

Read at least 52 books: I found this an attainable and enjoyable goal last year, so I am bringing it back. There is something the Goodreads Reading Challenge that makes this simpler, and it makes me keep reading, which is really important. I thought about upping it from last year, but I want this to be something I can achieve, and as I have been off reading recently I don’t want to make it too difficult or too high to reach.

Read 5 classics

I haven’t read enough classics in my life, and now as I have a much larger collection, access to audiobooks as well as paper books, and someone living with me who reads more classics, I think it’s high time I actually read some literature with a classical pedigree.

Read 3 Non-fiction

In 2017, the books I harped on most about and the ones I liked the best turned out to be non-fiction. I don’t read that much non-fiction usually, but I have purchased a lot more non-fiction books recently. Combine this with my recent liking for memoirs, I think I want to try and keep it up and make sure I continue to read this genre. I find non-fiction keeps  my brain more active than fiction too which is a good side-effect.

Take part and actively engage in at least 5 readathons

2o17 was the year of the readathon in my world. I signed up to lots, and completed almost all of them. Not only did I take part, but I thoroughly enjoyed the world of the readathon too. I may have taken part, but I didn’t always engage well with other participants and the wider community so I want to take a more active part in at least 5 readathons during 2018. That means more twitter chats, more comments, more challenges, and more thought into my own posts.

Review every book I read

I really like to look back at what I do and try and remember how it made me feel at the time. Reviewing all of the books I read in 2017 really made me think about the things I was reading, what I liked and didn’t like, and how they stacked against each other. It was’t a resolution as much as something that happened, and I’d like to keep it and make if official in 2018.

What bookish resolutions and goals do you have for 2018? Do we have any the same? I wish you all luck!


8 thoughts on “T5W: 2018 Bookish Resolutions”

    1. I am lucky that my commute is 30mins driving each way, so I get through a lot of audiobooks quite easily. That, and I do read super quick. I think 52 is a good balance between aiming high, but making it manageable. Good luck with your aim!


  1. Reviewing every book you read is hardcore! I could never do that in a million years – I wouldn’t have time to read!

    Let me know if you want some ideas for classics – I love them, so can point you in the right direction 🙂

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    1. To be fair, I don’t write long reviews. I’m posting a Wrap later so you’ll see what I mean. It’s just a small snap shot of my rough and raw thoughts rather than a fully constructed review!!

      I’m struggling a little to physically read at the moment, pretty much just on e-books so I think I’ll attack classics a little later. I’m thinking of braving Count of Monte Cristo or Three Musketeers later in the year, and I’ll definitely read A Christmas Carol next Christmas so there is 2 or 3 🙂


  2. Those are some pretty great goals! I should follow you on the classics one. I’m pretty awful about reading them. For some reason I can’t get it out of my head that I’m afraid of them, when in actuality I way more often than not end up loving them. Good luck with all your goals!

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