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T5W: Characters On The Naughty List

It’s getting to that time of year again where we all get our pen and paper out and make some lists. We list all of the people that we need to send a Christmas card to, and mark whether we need to subtley acquire their address. We make a list of everyone we need to buy a gift for, and record what we’ve bought them. We begin writing our cards, and wrapping our presents, and hoping that others are doing the same for us. It’s a time for elf on a shelf, and visiting Santa, and of course, the naughty and nice lists!

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There are many characters in literature who would stroll straight onto the nice list without a care in the world. There are also some characters who are so villainous that they’d skip right past the naughty list. And then there are the morally grey ones, who do naughty things for nice reasons (and vice versa!). They stick to their own rules, and look out for their friends, and to some wouldn’t seem naughty at all.

Sturmhond (Nikolai Lantsov): The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Technically, I haven’t actually finished this series, so the character may redeem any slightly naughty qualities, and it could all be an elaborate plan, but, there is no sign of that right now and we can only use what we know. So, Sturmhond the Privateer (who is he kidding, he’s a pirate!) sells his services to the highest bidder with little thought to the ramifications, and is the most renowned and respected Privateer in all the lands. Definitely a little bit of naughty list material.

The Weasley Twins: The Harry Potter Series by J K Rowling

The Weasley Twins are the ultimate tricksters and pranksters, who break all of the rules in the fun kind of way and follow their own sets of morals. They cause the best kind of trouble, and know more than you would ever expect them to know – which often helps others down the line!

The Marauders: The Harry Potter Series by J K Rowling

And before the Weasley’s, there were the Marauders: James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. These lot certainly gave it their best shot, causing trouble, making mischievious maps, sneaking out of school in the middle of the night, and being an all round bunch of charming devils.

Kell Maresh: Shades of Magic Trilogy by V E Schwab

On the surface, Kell is a respectable and likeable character, who dedicates time and effort to the royal family of Red London. Even though this is true, he dabbles in high treason on the side by smuggling items of magical contraband between worlds and causes as healthy amount of mayhem.

The Dregs: Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

For anyone who hasn’t read this duology, I am sorry if this somewhat spoils the fun, but, the Dregs of the Barrel are a group of misfit kids from Ketterdam, who are the best thieves, stealthiest minds, and the best of the worst street urchins. They do all the wrong things for their own reasons, and get up to a fine amount of trouble sticking to their wharped code. But they have a code, and they execute their promises.

What characters would you put on the naughty list this year?

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