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House Cup Reading Challenge: Wrap Up

So, for the last month I have been taking part in (another) readathon. This wasn’t just any old readathon though, it was Harry Potter themed. I got to read and think about reading for a Harry Potter themed readathon, to earn House Points, to go towards a Team Gryffindor total. I mean have you heard of a readathon that is more suited to me? If you’ve heard of a Disney readathon you absolutely need to tell me about it, like, yesterday.

A huge, mahoosive thank you has to go to the wonderful ladies who put this awesome readathon together:

Gryffindor: Lauren @BetweenDPages
Hufflepuff: Kelsey @Kelsenator
Ravenclaw: Alex @booksydaisy
Slytherin: Erica @slytherinchica

I can honestly say that I have had more fun taking part in this readathon than I have in a while, and it has really got me reconnected with my books. I was faltering slightly with reading (reading 115 books in a year will do that to you!) and was struggling with what to read and how to consume my literature, so this came at the perfect time and allowed me to dip and dive into different genres, mediums, and ultimately enjoy a good variety of books!

I was aiming optimistically with finishing every challenge, but more realistically with earning 200HP, so I am really pleased with how I managed to do. Yes, I read some graphic novels and James Patterson One Shots, but there were some longer and harder reads (Neil Gaiman and the classics, I am looking at you) that were a little more challenging. So, what did I read and which challenges did I complete? Probably best to see below!

Overall House Points: 210 HP

Main Challenge (20 Points)

First Year: Chew Vol #4: Flambé John Layman and Rob Guillory +20HP

Second Year: Chew Vol #5: Major League Chew John Layman and Rob Guillory +20HP

Third Year: Peter Pan J M Barrie +20HP

Fourth Year: The Stag and Hen Weekend Mike Gayle +20HP

Fifth Year: A Christmas Kiss Vicky Pattison +20HP

Sixth Year: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll +20HP

Seventh Year: Chew Vol #7: Bad Apples John Layman and Rob Guillory +20HP

Bonus Challenges (10 Points)



RavenclawFrench Kiss James Patterson with Richard DiLallo +10HP


AstronomyThe Long Way To A Small Angry Planet Becky Chambers +10HP

Care of Magical Creatures

Tri-Wizard Tournament: $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal James Patterson with Hilary Lifton +10HP

OcclumencyChew Vol #6: Space Cakes John Layman and Rob Guillory +10HP

Death EaterGood Omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman +10HP

Platform 9 3/4:

Time Turner:

Fantastic Beasts:

Dumbledore’s Army:

Social Media Bonus Points: +20

Did you take part in this readathon? How did you find it, how did you do? What did you read?

I absolutely loved it, I am desperately hoping it becomes a regular fixture on the readathon calendar going forward!

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