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Book Haul #7

It has been almost 2 months since I last posted a book haul, and for me, that is a seriously good amount of time. Book Haul #6 followed Book Haul #5 after just over a week, a stupidly short time even for me, so, I decided to try and make a concerted effort to buy less books. And d’you know what, in the large part I really think that I have succeeded, because there are not that many on here, for me, for a 2 month period, and many of them were bought in the last 10 days in a spending flurry. Well, I’m not eating unhealthily, and I can’t have chocolate, so I need a vice, OK?

I also had to use a different back drop this month because I quickly realised that the shortening days and my work schedule didn’t allow me to use my normal trusted spot. So, I decided to jazz up the background with my favourite picture: a black and white shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco where the bridge only has been left in it’s distinctive orange/red hue. I love that picture.


The Poison Tree Erin Kelly

The Poison Tree has been another one of those books sent to me by Willoughby Book Club that have landed on my doorstep at the beginning of the month. If I’m honest, this month is the first month I’ve been disappointed. This book is not a classic, which doesn’t really fulfil my classic subscription, and the book doesn’t look like it would hold my interest. That said, I’ll give it a go and hopefully be proved wrong.

My American Stella Gibbons

This was more like it. I’ve never read or owned anything by Stella Gibbons and it is a Willoughby Book Club read that is extending my collection of red spine novels. I was pleased when this dropped on the doormat!

The House of Silk Anthony Horowitz

I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, but have never got round to reading any of the new non-Conan Doyle novels. I saw this hardback version in the local charity shop and decided to give it a go. I’ve not read anything by Horowitz for years either, I’m hoping he’s done a good job.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth Chris Hadfield

I love space. I find astronauts fascinating. I follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter. So when a lady at work was rehoming her kids books I was all over this. I am super excited to read This!!

Dear Amy Helen Callaghan

I had seen a recommendation for this during a readathon at some point and then promptly forgot all about this psychological thriller until I saw it in the local charity shop. The concept of a kidnap victim communicating with the outside world through an agony aunt is both scary and fascinating, and I am really looking forward to finishing it.

Elizabeth is Missing Emma Healey

I don’t know if it’s because I am witnessing a family member suffer with memory loss, or whether the premise just sounds harrowingly interesting and a different take on a thriller. I just like a good mystery and that this will be a new take on a genre that I like.

Cockroaches Jo Nesbo

I had the entire collection of Harry Hole novels with the exception of this second instalment. I decided, finally, to just buy it off Amazon and treat myself, and now my collection is complete. Yay!

The Night Manager John Le Carré

I acquired this a little while ago when Emma (my housemate) had a sort out of her bookshelves. She had bought a new collection of Le Carré that are sleek and matching, so I took this copy for myself as it matches the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy edition I got from her shelves earlier this year.

Dark Matter Blake Crouch

I was looking at books to get on the Amazon 3 for £10 to go with some Christmas present purchases and saw this thriller under the highly recommended section and thought it would be rude to leave it behind.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson

In a further ‘what did Liz manage to acquire from Emma’s shelf when we were supposed to be getting books out of the house’ edition, I managed to acquire a film tie in set of the Stieg Larsson’s famous Millennium trilogy.

The Girl who Played with Fire Stieg Larsson

The hard-hitting incessant grittiness wasn’t really her genre, where as proper thrillers are my kind of thing, so I was pleased when she decided to get rid of them (mainly because I don’t have to buy them).

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest Stieg Larsson

I really struggled through this book to the point where I don’t think I read the whole thing but rather skipped chapters to get to the end. I am pleased I now own a copy to go back to and give it another go.

As Old As Time Liz Braswell

I saw this fairy tale retelling with a pretty stunning cover on the front in the supermarket. I picked it up a little flippantly and then I didn’t want to put it back. It sounds really good, and it also looks amazing. Glad I bought it.

A Whole New World Liz Braswell

OK, so I realised that this is a collection of books by Liz Braswell. And by collection I mean trio, but I could only get hold of the second book, and not the third. The cover of this once again is beautiful, and it’s a different take on the Disney classics, so I’m looking forward to reading them both.

Bared to You Sylvia Day

I have three of the five books in this series and I don’t mind reading them. There is a bit of me that just doesn’t like having an incomplete set of books that I don’t mind reading, so I bought it. I’m not going to lie, a bit of me just wanted to buy something. It happens sometimes folks.

It Only Happens in the Movies Holly Bourne

I bought this book pretty much solely because my friend and housemate Emma pointed it out while we were grocery shopping. She said she sort of wanted to read it and that it was supposed to be quite good, and then I picked it up, and when I put it down it was in the trolley and not back on the shelf.

Chew Vol. #6 Space Cakes John Layman and Rob Guillory

I bloody love Chew. I waited for as long as I could to read the next instalment because these graphic novels aren’t the cheapest things to purchase. During the House Cup Reading Challenge I have read a few more of these and had to purchase the next instalment.

Chew Vol. #7 Bad Apples John Layman and Rob Guillory

Aaaand I bought another one. I have discovered a used book dealer on Amazon that sells very good used copies of graphic novels for a very reasonable price. They’re not that far off pristine condition, so it has made buying them a little more affordable.

Chew Vol. #8 Family Recipes John Layman and Rob Guillory

So yes, I bought 3 volumes, because I just need to complete the whole set now and I can’t afford to buy them in one go but I need to be able to satisfy my Chew cravings.

6 thoughts on “Book Haul #7”

  1. Great haul, Liz! But if you’re saying that’s not a whole lot for two months, you might have a problem there, lol. But I have the same problem so that cancels it out, right? :p

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