Unboxing Loot crate | September 2017

It’s that time again, where I sit anxiously waiting for the shipping information to yield an actual parcel on my doorstep. This time round, I wasn’t in the house when my box was delivered, so I had to escape to the local post office the following morning and pick the box up, before waiting A WHOLE DAY knowing it was in my car, ready to be opened. I know, what self control! This time, the box was much thinner, but larger in size, and I knew from spying others Instagram posts, that it would transform into a ‘Back to School’ style trunk! And this edition contains all Loot crate exclusives, which makes it even more magical.

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive collectibles, apparel and gear delivered to your door. I am currently subscribed to receive the Wizarding World crate, a bi-monthly subscription that brings the magic of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts right to your doorstep. Let’s check out this month’s box:


The theme for September 2017 is Magical Must Haves. I presumed straight away that this box would contain essential back to school goodies as the box was due for delivery in September. I’m not saying I was wrong, because some of the loot would definitely be awesome in your school bag, but it actually contained more than that. Check it out:


Trunk Crate

Last month, I explained how the crates often fold out to make a cool setting or feature. This month, the box turns inside out to make a ‘Back to School’ Hogwarts Crate. It was really easy to make, you simply unfolded the box, and refolded it the opposite way, and it created the crate. As the theme is Magical Must Haves, a crate is useful to store all of the magical items that have been collected.

MACUSA Stationery Set

This box of stationery was pretty much the size of the Loot crate box and sat at the top, covering everything below like a secret shelf. It’s got some really cool bits in it, but my definite favourite is the post-it notes. I am a bit of a fan of a post-it note, and these take post-it noting to another level. They have a magical alert dial on them printed on the background, and I just love them.

Honeydukes Eraser Collection

I feel like I am repeating myself when I say that everything is awesome, but this really is. OK, I’m not going to lie to you, there was a small moment where I was disappointed that this Honeydukes box didn’t contain legit Honeydukes sweets. BUT, that quickly disappeared when I saw how fantastic these erasers are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never using them because they are too pretty to damage and I want them to sit on my Harry Potter shelf, but they’re pretty damn awesome.

Harry Potter Wand Pen

Last month, I wrote the following: ”This is literally the coolest pen I have ever seen. It is an exclusive miniature replica of the wand that Alan Rickman’s Severus Snape used in the film. The main body of the wand forms the pen that is used to write with. The intricate handle unique to Snape’s wand forms the cap, or stand for the pen itself. That alone is pretty much the most awesome pen ever, but to add to this brilliant item, it was packaged perfectly in a miniature Ollivander’s wand box.”

Read exactly the same, but for Harry Potter. I will have to keep getting the boxes in the hope that they keep giving me there. I need a big collection.

Slytherin Locket Pin

Each Wizarding World Loot crate comes with an exclusive magical collector’s pin. Pin collecting is quite big business, so the company have decided to make a pin to go in each box, which is exciting. There is such a limited number that it makes each one extra special. This month, the pin is the Slytherin Locket (another Horcrux – do we think this is a theme?) It’s pretty and shiny, and exactly as eye catching as I imagine the actual locket being.

Gryffindor Scarf

Guys, I am a very proud Gryffindor. I regularly wear house apparel, and have been debating knitting a house scarf for quite a while. I have also looked online at the Warner Bros tour shop (I’m going in December) and was eyeing up a scarf there too as a potential purchase. So yes, this could not have been much better. I am so happy with it. It’s so soft, and is quite a decently thick and long scarf! I don’t actually know if there will ever be an item that I have wanted in advance more than this. Nailed it!

I’m not sure I am going to be able to go back to a time when I didn’t get these crates delivered.

Look out for the next crate unboxing, November’s theme is Secrets of the Wizarding World!

2 thoughts on “Unboxing Loot crate | September 2017”

  1. The official scarfs they sell at the studio tour are really cheap quality and really expensive! So I think you lucked out 🙂

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