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September: It’s a Wrap

I am back in the regular blogging game, and boy does it feel good! Last month, I posted a dual month wrap post and it featured so many books that it was hard to understand how I had managed to actually read that many words in such a short space of time (click here to read). This month could not be more different. Instead of reading lots of books, I settled for reading barely anything, only actually starting and finishing a single book in the whole month, and finishing 3 that I started before September even began. OK, so the first week or so was wiped out with the holiday, and I would obviously rather be on holiday, but even so, I’m quite ashamed of my reading performance.

When Dimple Met Rishi Sandhya Menon | 26 Aug 17 – 10 Sep 17 | E-book | 4 Stars

I went into this reading it for a challenge, blindly thinking that it was just  a YA contemporary that I could shift through, I actually really quite enjoyed it.

I liked the whole strong female character element, with the will to follow her dreams and to stand up for herself (amongst her friends and her family). I liked the idea of a relatively strong, principled male character who is loving and nice, but not unbearable. I like the interesting insight into a culture that I am not exposed to or aware of. I like that fact that the characters are pursuing a meaningful career and that things are realistic, they don’f just fall into their laps.

I slight problem lies in the fact that it is YA. For me, the actual relationship was just too candy floss, and in addition, I didn’t like the ending. Overall though, I actually liked it. Quite a lot!

A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3) V E Schwab | 08 Aug 17 – 12 Sep 17 | 4 Stars

The amount of time it took me to read this is in no way a reflection on my opinion of the book. I actually really really enjoyed it. I electively didn’t pick it up on multiple occasions because I knew if I would I wouldn’t put it down.

I like the fact that the characters story arcs all made sense, all linked and developed in an awesome manner, and the most of the characters got the ending I wanted without wanting to throw up from happy lovey hearts to ruin the end. I feel like the story darkened well, yet maintained the humour that was prevalent throughout the first two books. Schwab creates very rich worlds, characters, and relationships, which was super necessary when it came to tying up the ends towards the end of this book.

I found this instalment a little long however, with some bits lengthened and added where I wasn’t sure it was needed. To be honest, it felt like it easily could have been two shorter and more rounded novels and not one monstrous book.

The Hating Game Sally Thorne | 15 Sep 17 – 16 Sep 17 | E-book | 3 Stars

I only read this because Emma was reading this when I came home and I felt left out when I didn’t know what was happening.

The story itself was pretty good. I liked the whole competitive angle. I really liked the fact it actually delved into the work lives of the characters and not just their relationships! I HATED the fact that the author just abandoned this half way through, like, despised to the point where the ending was rubbish.

I really liked the male character despite the fact that I (shockingly) didn’t find him super attractive. I thought the female character was nothing better than a damp and stale wet wipe. I found their relationship and the unusual dynamic simultaneously witty and childish.

Brave New World Aldous Huxley | 30 Aug 17 – 28 Aug 17 | E-book/Paperback/Audiobook | 3 Stars

I really like dystopian novels of all kinds, so I went into reading this thinking that I would absolutely love it and that it would become one of my favourite books ever. And then I started it and I just felt like it was ‘meh’.

I’m not sure I fully engaged with the characters or the premise, and really didn’t like the book until the last third, where I felt the whole idea and narrative actually started to make sense to me. I’m not sure you’re supposed to like characters like Lenina and Bernard, but I didn’t like disliking them either, which is a problem.

I don’t know whether I expected too much, whether I just wasn’t in the mood when I started it, or that it just turns out that it wasn’t for me, but I really didn’t enjoy it to begin with when I was physically reading it. It got to the point where I was trying to read it through both paperback and e-book so I could keep trying to read a few pages at a time where-ever I was just to keep going. Once I managed to download the audiobook it turned round and I enjoyed it much more, which is a saving grace, but I can’t help but feeling disappointed.

Books Read: 4 | Ave. Rating: 3.5

What books have you been reading in September?

What books are you planning to read through October?

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