Strictly Come Dancing | Week 2

Week 2 already, it seems only yesterday that these guys were all paired up and looking scared! OK, they still look scared so some things don’t change. Tonight is where things change, tonight is where it gets tense, tonight is where the scores are combined and the voting opens ready for the first results show of the series tomorrow.

Last week, all of the celebrities took to the dance floor with their new partners, and shimmied their little hearts out. Half did a latin dance and half a ballroom, so this time the tables are turned. Their scores from last week carry over to this week and will combine to make an overall leaderboard at the end of the show. It is only once everyone has danced their second dance, and everyone has attempted a ballroom and latin number that we, the public, will get our day. To try and make it easier to keep a track of the scoring over the two weeks, I have added the combined scores for each couple after the total for their dance this week, and there is a leaderboard at the end of the post too!

Get the drinks ready, the snacks (healthy ones of course) out, and get comfy, and bring out the stars!

So far this series, and to be fair we’re only 2 live and a launch show in, i’ve liked the outfits the ladies have worn. This never happens, someone always messes up straight off the bat! I just love that Strictly has a glamorous opening like this. And I love that they really embrace the singers and the Orchestra, aaaaand that means a Dave Arch shot. I ❤ Dave Arch. Let’s get on with the show:

Chizzy Akudolu and Pasha Kovalev | Foxtrot to ‘I’m a Woman’ (watch here)

OK, I like Chizzy, and I don’t hate Pasha. I don’t mean to cause her any offence, but I am worried about this. I’m not saying she can’t do grace and elegance, but she is a big black mama full of sass, and that is not this dance. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that this won’t feel quite right.

Damn, I really didn’t want to be right. There was so much farting around at the beginning, and there were quite a few bits that were just so at odds with everything the waltz is. I still love her, but that’s not gonna be her finest moment on this show.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 5 Shirley: 4 Bruno: 4 | Total: 16 (37)

Aston Merrygold and Janette Manrara | Salsa to ‘Despacito’ (watch here)

These two are going to be in the final, let’s all be clear here. We know that he can dance, and we know that these are paired well, so something major will have to happen for them not to make it. This dance should be epic, it should be something special. Janette is a Latino gal and this is her favourite dance. Their both pocket rockets, and this song is one of the anthems of the year. It should be amazing.

Wow, wow, WOW. What a dance?! Those lifts, those drops, those bendy while he catches her on his foot things. Wow. It was so quick and energetic and salsa-y. I think something went a little wrong at the end but I really don’t care because that was something else. Bravo.

Craig: 7 Darcey: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 9| Total: 32 (63)

Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton | Charleston to ‘If You Knew Susie’ (watch here)

Oh these two are just so cute. She just looks like a kid in a candy store. I don’t think she could be having a much better time. I am a little worried that this dance will be too big for her, too quick and technical, but it should fit her personality down to the ground.

It really wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t too keen on the fannying around at the beginning, but the elements were there and you could tell it was a Charleston. OK, so there wasn’t a huge amount of swivel and that, but it was funny and big and I liked it.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 6 | Total: 22 (42)

Charlotte Hawkins and Brendan Cole | Cha Cha to ‘Sugar’ (watch here)

I know that I probably shouldn’t judge people this early on, because I really have no clue about her, but I Just get this feeling like she is going to be rubbish at dancing the latin dances. She looks really pretty and to be fair is quite elegant and stuff, but I just can’t imagine her looking any good when she’s doing the hips and flicks and what not.

Oh Jesus, my eyes. Was that a dance? Can you actually say she was dancing? I don’t want to be harsh but that was one of the worst things I have ever seen on this show, and I have literally seen every dance. It was just awful. And not only was it awful, she made mistakes. Oh deary me. And clearly the judges agree. I really wish Brendan would keep his big mouth shut. I think that was dance off material, I really do.

Craig: 2 Darcey: 3 Shirley: 3 Bruno: 3 | Total: 12 (34)

Joe McFadden and Katya Jones | Tango to ‘Castle On The Hill’ (watch here)

I’m not quite sure about this song with this dance, but he isn’t going to be a hard tango man, so maybe it’s a clever choice? He was so good last week, and he can really dance. I am so looking forward to this!

Joe, Joe, Joe, oh no. This is not your dance, but that’s OK. That was almost painful to watch. He tried so hard, but his face was doing weird things, and it looked messy and bouncy, which are two things a tango shouldn’t be. You’re just too nice for this dance Joe, which is a shame because it’s once of my favourites. You were looking good though, so that’s a plus.

Craig: 5 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 6| Total: 22 (51)

Brian Conley and Amy Dowden | Cha Cha to ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ (watch here)

I just don’t really like him, and I am struggling to understand her which is making it difficult to take to her. I can’t help but think he is never going to produce a good dance, and I worry for him and his longevity in the show. I am worried at how bad this might be.

D’you know what? Well done Brian. That wasn’t good, but you looked like you were having the best time and it looked much more up your street and in tune with your personality. Don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t good, but well done.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 5 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 6| Total: 19 (35)

Gemma Atkinson and Aljaz Skorjanec | Waltz to ‘Un Giorno Per Noi (A Time For Us)’ (watch here)

I really like these two. Aljaz always look so happy, and there is something extra now as he has that wedding ring. His ability to integrate with her family is hilarious, and seeing him in an apron and washing up is too funny. Gemma is so pretty, she look so beautiful.

They make such a stunningly statuesque pair. That was actually really elegant, and quite smooth, and I really enjoyed it. Well done guys!

Craig: 6 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 | Total: 26 (46)

Rev. Richard Coles and Dianne Buswell | American Smooth to ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ (watch here)

I can’t explain why I love these, but I do. They just make me smile infectiously without even realising that it’s happening. If I’m honest, I can’t quite see how this is going to work. I’m worried about the ‘smooth’ element, but mostly, I’m concerned about the fact he is allowed to lift in this. What is he drops her? I’m hoping for a sweet Father/Daughter vibe I think.

Awww look at his little face. He is loving this. I’m so happy for him. Yes, it was lumpy and bumpy and lacked a lot of dance content, but they look so sweet, and he gets the music, and the lifts were stable and well done. Yay Rev, yay.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 4 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 5| Total: 17 (34)

Ruth Langsford and Anton DuBeke | Charleston to ‘The Charleston’ (watch here)

I’m starting to quite like Ruth. I think I may have misjudged her (probably because she is with Anton). I quite like her. She is actually really quite funny and sassy. She is very different than I thought. I think I always imagine her to be more like Judy, y’know, from Richard & Judy.

Well that was…well it was OK. There was bits of swivel, and she looks good, but I can’t help thinking that later on I will forget all about it. It was just, meh. That dress and wig tho.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 5 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 6 | Total: 20 (36)

Simon Rimmer and Karen Clifton | Waltz to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (watch here)

I really like Simon and Karen and I am a little bit worried after last night. I want him to do well. And now I find out he is a Liverpool fan AND he is doing his little segment from Anfield AND he is dancing to You’ll Never Walk Alone. This could be emotional and stunning.

Oh no, I just want to reach through the TV and hug him. Something definitely went wrong there, and he looks so sad. That was such a hauntingly beautiful rendition, and it was going OK.

Shirley. My poor Shirley. I didn’t think I could love you much more and then I find out this. I just want to be you OK, I’m not ashamed to say that. I think you are the best.

Craig: 4 Darcey: 4 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 5 | Total: 19 (36)

Mollie King and AJ Pritchard | Tango to ‘Addicted to Love’ (watch here)

I really still have pretty much no opinion on these other than jealousy at how youthful they look. I love how smiley Mollie is though, and I love how enthusiastic AJ is, like he is trying to prove that he is old enough to be there. Bless. If this is good, they may well move up my like list, because I love the tango and I love this song.

I am confused. I’m scared and confused. Why does AJ look attractive? Why am I looking at AJ this way? Why does he look sultry and good-looking? Oh dear… In all seriousness though, that was quite good. I think these may grow on me.

Craig: 4 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 7| Total: 25 (48)

Jonnie Peacock and Oti Mabuse | Jive to ‘Johnnie B. Goode’ (watch here)

Right, let’s get the whole he’s only got one leg and he’s doing a jive thing out of the way straight away. I just don’t quite get how this is going to work, and I am worried that this is going to be really bad. I hear he has had a blade made especially?

I take it all back, that was really good. He looked so much more energetic and comfortable and himself doing that. The kicks and flicks were really good and I don’t know why I ever worried. And there was an Oti scream at the end as well. I love it when she does that! I really wish he would cut his hair though.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 8 | Total: 29 (49)

Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice | Viennese Waltz to ‘She’s Always a Woman’ (watch here)

Urgh, I have been dreading these. I read a horrible article in the week about them being together and looking at them makes it me feel sick. I still think it’s wrong that someone who is a trained dancer is allowed to be on a dancing show. I think this is probably going to be good, which will inevitably irritate me. I really love this song too, I’m so annoyed that they’re dancing to this.

Damn that was quite good. It was elegant and pretty and they did the dance very well. The song was beautiful. I hate them. I hate the way they look at each other it makes me feel sick.

Craig: 8 Darcey: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 8 | Total: 34 (64)

Davood Ghadami and Nadiya Bychkova | Quickstep to ‘Last Nite’ (watch here)

They really started on the wrong foot with me last week, so I’m going to give them a second chance. The Quickstep is my favourite dance, and I like this song and their outfits. This could be really good. I could really take to you. Don’t let me down.

WTF. Why? WHY? There was absolutely NO NEED to strip half way through that dance, and even less need to start SPREADING YOUR LEGS and clearing tables for sexy time at the end. Quicksteps aren’t slutty. You bloody ruined that Nadiya.

You tell her Shirley! I love you. You are my spirit animal.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 | Total: 27 (54)

Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez | Paso Doble to ”Ven a Bailar’ (watch here)

I really think I am warming to Alexandra. She seems so playful and of course she is paired with the gorgeous Gorka. I just love how he says her name, Alexandra is much sexier in a Spanish accent. I really hope this is good.

And we’ve saved the best for last. Jesus that was incredible. So dramatic, so passionate, so sharp, so technical, that was wow. She was on fire. He was absolutely smoking (I approve deeply of his sartorial choice of shirt). That was brilliant. That ending though, they couldn’t have been much closer. I felt like I was intruding! They are stunning together. I ship them. They’re so cute.

I love how proud of herself she looks, and how happy she seems, and how genuinely surprised and shocked she is when she gets a good reception, great judge feedback, and awesome scores.

Craig: 9 Darcey: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 9 | Total: 36 (60)


  1. Debbie & Giovanni  – 64
  2. Aston & Janette – 63
  3. Alexandra & Gorka – 60
  4. Davood & Nadiya – 54
  5. Joe & Katya – 51
  6. Jonnie & Oti – 49
  7. Mollie & AJ – 48
  8. Gemma & Aljaz – 46
  9. Susan & Kevin – 44
  10. Chizzy & Pasha – 37
  11. Ruth & Anton/Simon & Karen – 36
  12. Brian & Amy – 35
  13. Charlotte & Brendan/Richard & Dianne – 34

Well well well that was a good show. I have voted and I am going to excitedly wait for the dance off results tomorrow night!

….see you tomorrow night, keep dancing!

Welcome to the first results show of the series.  That means a new pro dance.  That means the first show without Len’s lens. That means the first goodbye. I’m not ready to lose anyone. I’m worried about Simon, and think Brian will probably be in the dance off. I could cope with that. I don’t like Brian.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was pretty unimpressed by the pro dance. There was lots of running, and jumping, and bowling (?) But for me there was not much dancing. But, there was a good amount of Neil so I am really not going to complain. 

I am outraged. OUTRAGED I tell you. Don’t get me wrong, I think Brian should be there, but Chizzy. Not poor Chizzy. She is amazing and fab and bubbly and I love her. Why is she in the dance off? At least she is against Brian. He’s a cert to go, right?

NOOOOOOO. NO I REFUSE. I didn’t want her to go. No no no no no. That was ridiculous. I don’t agree with them. I’ve always liked Craig. He chose right. Poor Chizzy and Pasha.

Next week is movie week. Oooooo. I’ll see you then!

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