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New Year’s Resolution: 3rd Quarter Check-In

At the end of last year, I decided to compile a list of resolutions for 2017 in the hope of improving various aspects of my life. I set myself some rather large goals, and as I have a tendency to set them and the completely forget what they are, I have decided to check in with my progress over the year. At the end of March, a quarter of the way through the year, I posted a quarterly check in (which can be found here). I wanted to check back in and see how I was getting on with them, and it’s safe to say that it’s not exactly going to plan. In June, half way through the year, I decided to recap how the first half of the year had gone (click here to read). It was becoming apparent that I was only focusing on one or two resolution areas. And now, we’re three quarters of the way through the year and I still feel like I am failing at most of them, but, we’ll see.

Just to recap, my New Years Resolutions can be found here.


  • Exercise: Failing

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since my car crash. That means 3 months since I last actively exercised, 3 months since I last went to the gym, 3 months since I did anything remotely healthy. Jeez that’s bad. That’s really really bad. I am actually ashamed of myself, completely and utterly ashamed. It took me a lot longer to recover from the accident than I thought it would, and to be honest my back is still far from right, but I really need to get back to doing things or I am destined to being a useless potato for ever.

  • Eat Healthier: Failing

I tend to eat a lot of properly cooked food because I really like cooking and Emma and I find it’s cheaper. However, over the last couple of months it has become apparent that portion control is something that is not my strong suit. I began snacking a lot when I was down and off work, and that never stopped when I went back. Having no car has meant I have gone out and got less fresh things, and while that is not really an excuse, it has been the way it is.

  • Lose Weight: Failing (spectacularly)

Last time round, I posted how I really wanted to fix this, and the time before I posted about how disheartening it was. Despite this, I have done absolutely nothing to fix it. This time, I am going to change this. I am fed up of sitting round, feeling rubbish about myself, and ultimately feeling unhealthy. I want to lose weight, I want to feel healthier, and I want to feel better about myself. Enough messing around, and more action. Cue: Fat Friday.

  • Tidy Room: Failing

My room was probably at its messiest that it’s been since I got my cast off and tidied it last week, and then I absolutely snapped at the weekend. I have been keeping it a little better and more organised over the last month or 2, but since I came back from travelling, it has slipped again. I am hoping that I can improve again to make it regularly better and more welcoming. It’s nice when I don’t feel embarrassed about it. The embarrassment factor and the itchy feeling when things just aren’t organised was starting to creep in, so I have blitzed it, actually really sorted things out. Emma and I completely reordered her room and it made me realise how organised her room is and how much of a mess mine is.

  • Tidy Car: On Track

I haven’t had a car for almost the entire time since I last posted a check-in. Pedro arrived last week, and I am super happy about it. He is wonderful, and having him is like having my freedom back. I really missed not having a car, like really missed it, so I am going to try and keep him as tidy as he has been for the last week.

  • Bullet Journal: Failing (abandoned)

Guys, I have to admit, I have pretty much given up on using my bullet journal. I didn’t find it very useful, and found myself back tracking and filling in for dates gone by and not dates to come. I am gutted because I like the idea, but in reality it just doesn’t work for me. This has not changed, but over the coming months I am really hoping to go on a healthy kick, and I may use the bullet journal to track my progress.

  • Bucket List: Failing

I’ve ticked off maybe one or two of the things on my bucket list, but I’ve added as many to it if not more, so I’m not sure I can actually count it as progress. I need to have a look at my Bucket List and see if I can knock anything off before the end of the year. This really has not changed, although the amount of books Emma and I now own could almost constitute a small library.


  • Liverpool: Failing (ish)

Emma and I had an alright start to the year. We saw some new places, visited parks and outdoor areas, and even went to a couple of museums and festivals. I’m not sure we have actually done anything ‘new’ since. OK so part of this is due to the fact we’ve not had a car and I’ve been recovering, but we’re not doing that great at this.

  • The UK: Failing

Haha, this is going spectacularly badly. Emma and I went to the Lake District earlier this year, once, and also have a plan to go to London at the end of the year, but yes, this is not going well. Hahaha, this is still going very badly. Very badly indeed. I am going to have visited more American than British cities this year.

  • The World: On Track (completed)

I know, this one I have completed but I can’t even visit places in my own city. I went on a cruise with my Mum earlier in the year, and we visited the USA (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and 5 Caribbean Islands (British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua, and St. Maarten). Technically, the last one is the Netherlands, but either way it is a separate country. Since the last post, I have visited the USA again to see the new cities (to me) of Pittsburgh, PA; Columbus and Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; and I returned to Chicago, IL, for the first time in 2 years. Since this was written, I have shown Emma the delights of the US cities of Washington DC and New York. We had a great time.


  • Readathons: On Track

I love a good readathon, and that hasn’t changed throughout the year. I’ve taken part in a few readathons and reading events over the past year, and have two more planned for the following month. The Book Riot Read Harder challenge and the Around the World in 52 books challenge is proving a little more troublesome, but, i’ve read that many books already this year that I should hopefully be able to finish them.

  • 52 Books: On Track (Completed) 100 Books: On Track (Completed) 120 Books: On Track

I’ve absolutely blown this challenge away. Twice. I am really proud of myself and my attitudes to reading this year. I’ve read a lot, I’ve explored new genres and mediums, and I have been reviewing everything I’ve read. I’ve reset my Goodreads challenge again, and I know that if I continue at this rate, I wish smash my third target too. Woo, go me! (To follow on Goodreads, click here)

  • Old and New Books: Failing (spectacularly/abandoned)

So, well, yes, I think I’ve bought in the region of 75 books, and as you can see I’ve read about that too, so I am still averaging a book read for a book bought. I think I might abandon this, as I will have to read approximately double the amount of books I already have and absolutely definitely not by any more for the rest of the year which is not going to happen. Yeah I’ve continued buying, but to be fair, I’ve also red quite a few of the books I’ve owned for a while too AND I’ve managed to get rid of about 10 books that I no longer wanted.


  • IMDb Top 250: Failing (spectacularly)

Not only am I spectacularly failing at this, but I have rewatched some films that could not be further from the list if I they tried. I’m not sure if this should be classed as abandoned, because it may as well be, but I guess there are 3 months left where I could end up watching a number of the entries on the list. Ha, we’ll see.

  • TV Shows: Failing (spectacularly)

We finished Friends! Hurrah. We’ve not finished anything else we’ve started, and actually ended up starting even more shows. We’ve tried to go back and watch but it seems like we are serial starters and never finishers. Oh well, we’re at least enjoying what we’re watching, which is the main thing.

Blog/Social Media

  • Twitter Chats: Failing (ish)

I like a twitter chat, I really do, but I struggle to remember to take part in them, and I struggle to find new ones. I’ve taken part in a few sporadically over the year, but I just don’t do it regularly or enough.

  • Instagram: On Track (ish)

I definitely, absolutely take more photos than I used to. I think a lot more about the aesthetic of the picture, and I have started to edit my own pictures (with limited success) rather than using pre-programmed filters. I probably don’t include as much variety or pictures of myself as I would like, but I like my Insta a lot again. I also discovered Instagram stories, which I didn’t know was a thing until I bought my phone. In fact, my new phone has a lot to do with me liking Insta more if I’m honest!  This has pretty much continued like this since last time. I definitely think more, and I probably do post more, but it’s not quite where I’d like it to be yet. (To follow on Instagram:

  • Blog Posts: On Track (ish)

There was a time this year where my posts really dipped in frequency, and that made me sad. Since then, I have really tried to blog regularly, and blog about things I actually want to write about.

  • Blog Diversity: On Track (ish)

I’m pretty happy with the things I am now writing about, and I am even more happy about how the posts I am writing are being received. I haven’t got a routine, or a formula, that works every week as of yet, and I haven’t found something to blog about every day, but I am writing about a slightly more varied set of topics, or at least writing with more diversity within the topics I know about. I’m enjoying writing more of late, which makes writing easier.

  • Comments: Failing

I am sadly failing at this challenge really badly. I am really good at commenting on others posts during readathons, such as Bout of Books, but then it disappears again. I really enjoy it when people engage with my blog, and I know I would get more enjoyment and a higher readership/blog engagement if I just took some time to look at others blogs and interact with them. Sigh.

I can’t believe that we’re 3 quarters of the way through the year. Our birthday and Christmas is round the corner, and we are definitely hitting the colder weather and the time for jumpers. I love this time of year, it’s my favourite. Hopefully, I can make some progress on the rest of my resolutions.

Did you make any resolutions this year?

How are they going?

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