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Friday Reads: Pedro, Feng Shui, and Tavern

TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday. I say it like I’ve had a really hard week. I haven’t, and I only had a day off yesterday, but I am relieved to be going into a full weekend, with an early shift on the Friday. I am picking up my new car, we’re planning to have a weekend full of house activity, and relaxation, and it is much needed. I am reading two books that I have now been reading for a little while: one is something I hoped I would quite like and have really loved, and one is one I thought I would really like, and have struggled with. Clearly, I do not know or understand what I like to read.

I realised earlier this year that I really enjoyed dystopian. And not just YA dystopian in the realms of The Hunger Games, and Divergent, but proper classic dystopian reads like Nineteen Eighty-Four and Fahrenheit 451. I had wanted to read Brave New World for ages, ever since my friend Paul bought it for me, and when it fitted with a challenge for #TheReadingQuest, I decided it was finally time. I think I have been reading it for around a month now, and I am struggling. I thought I would love it, I thought I would fly through it. Sadly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not in the mood for it, or it it is just not for me, but I am trying my absolute hardest to read enough that I know what’s going on so that I don’t DNF it. I’ve requested the audio book from the library which might help.

I am also reading, and bloody loving, Becky Chamber’s The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet. It has a real Firefly vibe, which I love, and it is very much a healthy gateway into the world of Sci-Fi. I haven’t read a lot of Sci-Fi at all, but I like watching it, so it’s nice to finally find a gateway into the genre, that is more fantasy in space than true Sci-Fi. The characters are great, the relationships and species are so matter of fact, that it is both refreshing and fascinating. It’s a great big ol’ space adventure. I don’t even mind the fact that I don’t have the ability to read it super quick.

Aside from reading, my weekend is jam packed. Today, I’ve picked up Pedro: my new dashingly red car. He is amazing. I have been longing to get behind the wheel for a long time, so it is nice to finally have a car again. As much as we’ve managed without driving, it just gives me, and Emma as well, the freedom to do things again, and makes everyone’s lives easier when it comes to my work schedule. Welcome to the family Pedro!

As for Saturday, well, the plan is to get on with things in the house. My room needs tidying (again) and actually sorting to make room for some of the crap in the front room. I have meant to put the crap in the front room away since I moved in, and it is now irritating me to the point that I finally plan to make use of the under-bed storage I bought last Christmas. I finally plan to build the drawers for the Kallax shelving unit I bought earlier this year (or even late last year). And most importantly for our weekend, Emma plans to move the furniture around in her room in an effort to Feng Shui the ability to make use of the cupboard in her room. Due to Emma’s proclivity to sneeze a lot around dust, and our ability to sit downstairs and put off all household tasks at the weekend (tbh I am much more able at sitting and doing absolutely nothing than she is), we plan to get up and move this round before doing anything else, hoping that a shower and brunch after will wash away the work. Ha, we’ll see.

If all goes well, we plan to reward ourselves with a breakfast of Champions. I introduced Emma to the Tavern almost as soon as she moved in, and we are regular patrons (our Instagram and Twitter feeds can attest to this.) Now as I have a car again it means we can easily go back, but in an effort to make us work, we’ve decided that we can only go if we have done sufficient amounts of household stuffs the day before.

And….to finish things off…..STRICTLY COME DANCING IS BACK! Last year, Emma and I did a blog post, play by play, week on week review of the whole series, and while we enjoyed it, we found it was a lot of work and took some of the enjoyment out of actually watching the show. So, sorry guys, but it won’t be happening this year. This time round, however, I think we are both thinking and planning to do our own shorter review posts. Well, I certainly plan to, so watch out for that this weekend!

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