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Book Haul #4

Soooooo, we’re here again already. In my defence, this book haul is only being posted so close to the last one because I was struggling with personal issues surrounding writing posts. I haven’t bought all these books in a couple of weeks  That said, it’s still a large number of books to admit to buying, or receiving, since the beginning of the year. Last time round, (view here) I admitted that I was buying lots of books and…well…that’s not changed. I’ve bought 21 books this haul. That’s not too b….who am I kidding, it’s bad. I’m loving it.

The Long Way Round Ewan McGregor/Charley Boorman

I was lookimg at my non-fiction bookshelf and I was looking specifically at Charley Boorman’s book By Any Means. I enjoyed it so much yet somehow had never thought to read this. Until now…

The Long Way Down Ewan McGregor/Charley Boorman

I promise that I only went to buy their first book, but then I saw the second book and just thought ‘well, why not?’ I really loved the TV series of this trip, so I’m excited to read about it.

The Alchemist Paolo Coelho

I was in a little book shop in the German Village, Columbus, Ohio. There were multiple rooms with books piled from floor to ceiling, with complicated pathways and hidden corners.  It was Bibliophile heaven.  I wanted to buy a book while I was there and saw this 25th anniversary edition; I’ve wanted to read it for a while, so it seemed to make sense.

The Devil in the White City Erik Larson

So, while I was in the Book Loft in Columbus, I decided I wanted to also get a non fiction book based around somewhere I was going to visit on the trip.  This book was featured in award winning and on  top 20 displays, sounded interesting, and is set in Chicago, so I bought it.

Inferno Dante Alighieri

I’ve been eyeing this up on Amazon and in charity shops for a little while.  I really love the word cloud classics, and as I haven’t bought one in a while, I treated myself to this book.

The Memory of Midnight Pamela Hartshorne

I literally have absolutely no idea what this book is about, not a slightest clue, and have no real idea why I bought it. I think it was the super pretty cover – blue vignette and gold shiny swirls – yes please.

The Devil’s Star Jo Nesbo

One of my favourite actors – Michael Fassbender – is set to play Jo Nesbo’s hero Harry Hole later this year.  I like Jo Nesbo, but I had random books in the series and wouldn’t have been able to read the full series before it came out.

Phantom Jo Nesbo

Like the above book in the Harry Hole series, I’m attempting to fill in the gaps so that I have a full collection and not a random assortment of his books. The charity shop came up trumps again.

The Redeemer Jo Nesbo

I feel like you get the reasoning behind buying up a lot of these books.  The film adaptation is of the sixth novel, so I had a few gaps to fill to get there, and luckily my local charity shop had a decent selection.

Wool Hugh Howey

I saw this in the local charity shop during a (brief) fantasy kick. I’m not not sure if it was the vibrant colours, or the stunning cover art that drew me in first, but it sounded intriguing.

You Don’t Know Me Imran Mahmood

I saw this hardback on the shelf at Waterstones, and was drawn in by the creepy yet beautiful cover. Then I read the blurb and discovered it was about questionable morals, murder accusations, and court room drama. It’s like it was made for me. Seriously though, look how creepy the eye in the ‘O’ of You is!!

Dead Man’s Blues Ray Celestin

I’m not saying that I only bought this book because the cover is downright beautiful, the historical crime and musical based storyline sound awesome, but look at the pretty pretty.

A Divided Spy Charles Cumming

I was initially drawn in by the blackened page edges and the bright yellow book spine, but when I picked it up and looked at it more closely, I couldn’t leave this espionage novel behind.

The Help Kathryn Stockett

I have to say that I completely missed the boat when it comes to The Help. And not just when it comes to the book, I missed the boat on the film adaptation too!! I have been looking at it on and off for a while in charity shops, so when Emma decided to get rid of her copy, I kept it.

Crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo

This is one of my favourite books of this year that I’ve read so far.  It’s actually the second in a duology that I really want to own.  As my housemate Emma already owns then I decided not to treat myself straight away.  She actually won a copy (this copy) in a giveaway and as she has a really nice hardback collector’s set, she offered this one to me.

Trainspotting Irvine Welsh

I tried to read this 8 years ago when I was in school and really struggled. I’ve never read something in a different accent before and actually found it really difficult. When Emma said she was planning to give her copy away, I decided to keep it and give it another go.

The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold

This is another book to add to the list of things I completely missed. I just forgot it existed for so long, so when Emma added it to her ‘to-go’ I snaffled it away for myself.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy John Le Carré

I love a good spy thriller and this is known to be one of the best.  I loved the film, and have been meaning to acquire a copy for a while so when Emma offered this one during her shelf clear out I gladly accepted.

Matilda Roald Dahl

I recently treated myself to the pretty hardback version of my favourite Dahl book, The BFG. I love Matilda almost as much, so when I saw it was on offer I snapped it up. I know you can’t see under the sleeve, but I like the bright colours of the books (that clashes wonderfully with the sleeve), the embossed images from the sleeve on the hardback book itself, and I love the patterned end pages too!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J K Rowling

You probably all know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so it probably comes as no surprise that I’m displaying Gryffindor pride. Of course I bought this limited edition 20th anniversary Gryffindor hardback.  It’s super cool that my housemate is showing her house pride too with her  Ravenclaw edition.

The Bat Jo Nesbo

You may have noticed that this was not included in my main picture and that I don’t have a normal cover photo for it either.Ibought this and immediately let my Mum borrow it for her holiday, before I took these pictures. It’s the first Harry Hole thriller in the series, so I  can start them off when she returns it.

So that’s it for another book haul. It’s hard work to type and format with one hand! I guess it’s obvious that my book buying addiction is still going strong. If I’m honest, I’m well on the way to finishing Book Haul #5. Oops.

4 thoughts on “Book Haul #4”

  1. Wow! Lots of books!
    I’m super jealous you got a house edition of hp. But surely you have to buy the whole set now? You can’t just have one…..

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