Bout of Books: Day 4

So I’m sitting at the airport all excited and I thought I’d try and squeeze in some last minute blog posts. My updates will probably drop in frequency now, but I’ll still be reading!

5:30am: I’m up, checked out of the hotel and eagerly awaiting the bus to Terminal 3 while eating my breakfast. I’ve been listening to Prisoner of Azkaban while I’m getting ready, almost 75% done.

8:30am: I’m checked in and I’ve met all the fab guys on my cultural courses tour. So excited now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some serious reading done on the plane.

14:30pm (EST): I’ve landed in Philadelphia, so while I wait for my connection and have Wi-Fi I thought I’d get an update in. I’ve read a fair amount on the plane, as expected. I finished Prisoner of Azkaban, started Goblet of Fire, and managed to read about 50 pages of The Masked city. 

23:00pm: Jeez Louise that was a long day. An awesome day, but a long day. I’ve got a ton of reading done, I’ve flown to another continent, and have discovered a new awesome US city in Pittsburgh. This is going it be an awesome 8 day!


I am so sorry to any one who came here for an example, I barely had the chance to update before! Today’s challenge set by yours truly is a dating profile. I thought it would be fun and a little different, so go crazy!

NAME: Bond. James Bond.

LOOKING FOR: A lovely lady with a licence to thrill.

LIKES: Fast cars, poker games, sharp shooting, so let’s get a martini, get shaken, and get dirty.

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