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The Book Buying Tag

As with all of my best tags, I saw this at the brilliant Emma’s blog over at The Terror of Knowing. Guys, if there is anything I know that I am good at (possibly too good) it is buying books. With that in mind, I thought this was the perfect tag for me, so i jumped at the chance to do it. So, without further a do, on with the book buying confessions.

  • Where do you buy your books from? Everywhere and anywhere. On the whole, I buy my books through Amazon, both as new on the website and through third party sellers there. I just can’t afford to buy the books I want to read in the volume that I want to at book stores and independent retailers. I do occasionally buy books from supermarkets and from our lovely, shiny Waterstones when I am feeling extravagant, but it is mostly Amazon for new books. I am partial to a charity shop too, and I am lucky that Liverpool has some wonderful book centric charity shops to go crazy in. I am also a member of the supremely brilliant Willoughby Book Club, which is an online subscription that sends a surprise book a month in the genre you choose (for me, classics)!
  • Do you ever pre-order books and if so do you do this in store or online? To be honest, no, this really isn’t something I do online or in store. It has been a while (since the Harry Potter books) that I have been desperate to get a book on the day of release, so I just tend to buy them on the day they come out, or when I am ready to read them.
  • On average, how many books do you buy a month? Ha Ha Ha *laughs nervously* Erm, this is embarrassing. OK, so I am trying really hard to not buy many, but I am doing really badly. I think I have bought, received, acquired, around 70 books since November, so that is probably close to 15 a month. Oh no, that’s one every other day. I have an addiction. I AM AN ADDICT.
  • Do you use your local library? Absolutely! When my friend moved in I became aware of the overdrive app. Before this, I periodically borrowed physical books from the library. Now, I use their online service to borrow both e-books and audio-books, and then read or listen to them on the go/in the house while doing chores. I haven’t really used a physical library in a while, which is really bad and i should sort out, but I use my local library online services with gusto.
  • If so, how many books can you/do you borrow at a time? Online, I can borrow up to 8 books. This can be a mixture of audio-books and e-books, and are accessible to read in a browser or on the overdrive app! Physical books? I honestly have no idea. I don’t take many out anymore and even when I used to, I only ever took out one or two at a time. I think it is the same, 8.
  • What is your opinion on library books? I absolutely love them. I love the idea that books are read by lots of different people, and that every person who reads it actually experiences a different story. I love the feel and look of a well read and well appreciated book too.  It also allows more people who don’t have the money/space/inclination to own books to be able to read more, and allows everyone to try new authors, genres etc. It’s awesome all round. Plus shelf after shelf of books looks and feels super cool too!
  • How do you feel about second hand/charity shop books? I really love the idea. It’s nice to be able to give something back to a charity or organisation you like buy either donating or buying books, and it’s nice to share the book love. I am an avid second hand bookstore buyer! I love to see a bookwith someone else’s details in and imagine the story behind the note. I actually completed a collection of Sherlock Holmes books, for which I had been trying to find the 8th and final book of for around 4 years, in my local charity shop too!
  • Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same book shelf, or not? All my books are stored together on my shelves, irrespective of age, TBR, read, everything. The only thing that splits my book is space! I sort my books on my shelves by genre, then order the authors alphabetically by surname, and then within authors, the books are sorted alphabetically by title, or order in a series.
  • Do you plan to read all the books that you own? Absolutely! Ish. Well, yes I do, as in I plan to read every story I own. That said, I have some pretty versions of the same book, or info books/guides that i probably won’t ever read, but yes, in theory, I plan to read them all.
  • What do you do with books that you own and that you feel you’ll never read/felt you didn’t enjoy? I should give them away, donate them or lend them to friends. I should do something better with them than putting them back on my shelf (if they’re a non-embarrassing book) or double stacking them if they’re a little more embarrassing behind the nicer, prettier, better books.
  • Have you ever donated book? Yes, in time gone by I have donated books to school fairs, to charity shops, to other people, to reading charities, and to less privileged people, but that was before I had my own space to store them and before I really began to appreciate books.
  • Have you ever been on a book buying ban? *cough* I am technically on one at the moment, but y’know, it’s going diabolically so the less said about this the better.
  • Do you feel you buy too many books? Excuse me but what is this concept? Too many books? My Mum would definitely agree that I do. I just feel like I am making up for lost time and giving myself a choice. In reality, I buy WAY too many!

I feel like I have taken a weight of my shoulders, almost like I have been to confession! If you would like to take part, comment, get involved, consider yourself tagged!

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