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Tome Topple Readathon | Updates

As you may have seen from my earlier TBR post, and my twitter account, I have decided to take part in this month’s Tome Topple Readathon. To monitor my own progress, and keep all you lovely people up to date, I am going to post regularly (ish) here!*

For those of you who don’t know much about this awesome readathon, check out the dedicated Goodreads or Twitter. A brief overview, over the next 2 weeks, the aim is to tackle and read as many books over 500 pages as time and sanity allows!

*Last Updated @ 10pm on 12/04/17

Day One: 7th April 2017

10am: Well, I was so excited last night before bed that I got off to a cracking start and read 50 pages of Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm to kick of my Tome Topple Readathon. Why was I so excited I pretend to hear you cry? Well, Emma and I have just booked to go to Disney World. Sureeeee…we’re not going until October 2018, and yes, I am still dying a small death, but it perked me up somewhat!

4:30pm: I have just participated in my first sprints of this readathon. I feel like these sprints keep my reading in check, and limit the amount of distractions I have. I am feeling a little (read a lot) sorry for myself, as I am still ill, my throat is still sore, my voice is still gone, and I sound like a wheezing turtle, so reading today is about the only thing keeping me going! I have read another 100ish pages of The Silkworm, and I decided to try and get something practical done. Sooo, to make both the washing up and Great Expectations a little more exciting, I combined the two and got the audiobook listening underway.

9:30pm: Well, another sprint down, and I am approaching the halfway point of The Silkworm already, and I have actually read another 25 pages of Great Expectations. I feel like I will slow down the later we get into this readathon, but for now, gotta make the most of it. How are you finding things so far?

11:50pm: It’s almost sleepy sleepy time. The past couple of nights have been broken by periods of choking, wheezing, and all round ickiness, so I am hoping for a good run tonight, and y’know, all round betterness in the morning! Today has been a reading success though, so huzzah. I am around 260 pages into The Silkworm, which when combined with the 25 pages of Great Expectations I surprisingly got through, I have got through 285 pages! Wooo, that’s a book every 2 days. This will not last. This must last.

Day Two: 8th April 2017

10am: This is no longer funny anymore. I am fed up of having no voice, I am fed up of not going into work, and I am fed up of feeling awful when it is lovely weather outside. I am going to aim to finish The Silkworm today, because I am almost there! I read another 40 pages before I went to bed last night, so I only have 130 to go, and I will have finished my first Tome.

5pm: It’s Grand National day, which means the city of Liverpool is alive and raring to cheer on a randomly chosen horse like it was the world’s most thought out decision. Emma and I opted to venture out a little bit to get some fresh air. My voice is starting to show signs of coming back, I think getting out of the house into clean air has done the world of good. I only have 56 pages left now and I will be done!

Day Three: 9th April 2017

9am: I have no excuse. I really should have finished The Silkworm yesterday, but I didn’t, so I have finished it today. Hurrah, that means I am one book down already! The next book on my list to tackle is the slightly less appealing ASOIAF volume A Feast For Crows. I am actually buddy reading this with Emma (you can see her progress here) so I am hoping that combing forces will help me get through this. I sound like I don’t enjoy them. It’s really not that, it’s just that this book is 852 pages long, and I struggled through A Storm of Swords and I am a little concerned that this will defeat me!!

9pm: OK, so I am making slow progress, but progress none the less. I have pretty much finished reading the first 50 or so pages of A Feast for Crows and I am really loving the new perspectives that the story is being told from, particularly Cersei. I am also finding the sprints really useful. They’re allowing me to carve out a little dedicated reading time from my day!

Day Four: 10th April 2017

8am: I forgot how early these early starts at work are. That’s what a few days off sick will do to you! I have managed to grab a couple of minutes to read a few pages here and there, but I am not making any significant progress. I really like this book, but I am starting to wonder if I need something to read along side it to keep it fresh.

1:30pm: I am almost at 100 pages, and as much as I am enjoying it, I am starting to get itchy fingers for a new book. I have been thinking of other books that I could read, and the third Galbraith novel Career of Evil  is longer than The Silkworm so could definitely count. I may have to smile widely at Emma later and hope that she will let me borrow that one too?!

7pm: Soo….it happened. I went to put The Silkworm back on the shelf and Career of Evil jumped out and landed right in my arms. There was nothing I could do, so, I kept it out and have decided to read it alongside Great Expecations and A Feast For Crows. I am trying to read AFfC as the first port of call, but it is nice to be able to read something else at the same time, especially something I can read so much quicker!

11:30pm: I am about to go to bed, I know it’s late, please don’t shout! I have just finished reading the first 50 pages of Career of Evil. This was a very good decision because I am hooked in already. I hate some of the characters *cough* Matthew *cough*, and I love the development of others. I must not neglect reading AFfC in place of this. I must not. I must not.

Day Five: 11th April 2017

1pm: I decided this morning that I would get up and read. I really should make the most of this day off, but so far, watching TV on the laptop and doing ‘homework’ quizzes from work have taken over my life! I have managed to read another 50 pages of  A Feast For Crows. I was going to read Career of Evil and managed to stop myself and pick up that instead. Well done Liz *pats back*.

4pm: So I haven’t read anymore, but that is because I took my Mum and my Gran for Afternoon Tea at the local garden centre as a late Mother’s Day present. As far as excuses go for not reading, this was a very tasty one! Emma and I are off to the gym soon to get a work out in, I’ll get the chance to work off some of those cakes!

10pm: Emma and I have been re-watching Friends. We both love it, and we’re getting to the good later series, but it means that we are losing evenings of the readathon to marathoning episodes. That said, we deserved the rest after our workout! Urgh, it’s such a hard life.

Day Six: 12th April 17

10pm: So….well I haven’t read at all today. Not a single page. Nada. I have no excuses. I went to work. I came home from work. I did pretty much nothing. And that nothing included no reading. I did blog a Top 5 Wednesday Post, but that is quite literally it. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow I shall read!



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