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Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

Do you know what is great to celebrate with a beer, in the sun, on a Caribbean Island? Pay day. Yep, that is what I did on the second stop of our cruise ship. St. Kitts and Nevis is a volcanic island full of friendly people, and while it has lots of beaches (if we’re honest, doesn’t every Caribbean Island) we shunned that in favour of seeing more of the capital Bassetterre, and spending money. 

The great thing about cruise ships is the relaxation, the travel, the experience. The downside is that WiFi costs the soul of your first child, so unless you have money to burn, or a great reason to need it, internet is something you don’t have on board. We quickly scouted out a nice bar in Basseterre, and set about catching up with the important things, football scores, payday information, y’know the drill. Somehow, drinking at 10am doesn’t seem quite so bad when you do it in the sun on holiday. And f.y.i, Carib is good beer.

Basseterre itself was a proper town, full of little shops, quaint squares, and an old clock-tower. Yes, to access it we had to walk through a more generic purpose built port shopping area that all Caribbean ports seem to have, but it was nice to see a working town once we got there. Once we had finished with our beers and initial WiFi hit, we wandered around for a while, snapping photos and checking out the various sites.

I am not a huge shopper, but both of us wanted to have a little bit of a look around the duty free shops. Things like rum and cigarettes were insanely cheap. And so, it would seem, were diamonds. I’ve never gone on holiday and thought ‘a diamond is just what I want to buy’ but judging by the amount of jewellery shops there are in port towns, other people must think that. Yes, I looked in almost every shop that sold Pandora charms for the Disney Safety Chain that I want (stupid thing isn’t sold in the UK), but other than that, we hit the craft market and the tat shops and had a right old tourist day.

I don’t think we saw a huge amount of St. Kitts and Nevis, and unlike B.V.I, it is somewhere that I would quite like to go back to. Mainly because I would really like to take a boat trip to visit the volcanic island of Nevis, but also to see more of the island than the capital.

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