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New Years Resolution: 1st Quarter Check In

At the end of last year, I decided to compile a list of resolutions for 2017 in the hope of improving various aspects of my life. I set myself some rather large goals, and as I have a tendency to set them and the completely forget what they are, I have decided to check in with my progress over the year. So, now as a quarter of the year has gone, it seems like the perfect time to check my progress for January, February, and March. Just to recap, my New Years Resolutions can be found here.


  • Exercise: On Track (ish)

So, I set a very optimistic target of going to the gym/working out in some capacity at least 3 times a week. OK, so I have failed pretty miserably in terms of the amount of times I am going to the gym per week. BUT, Emma and I are now getting pretty good at setting gym days, so that counts as a partial success. I can now at least say that I am a regular gym goer.

  • Eat Healthier: On Track (ish)

Emma and I are pretty healthy in terms of the way we eat. Yes, we snack and we do go out for breakfast semi-regularly, but we cook pretty much nightly, and don’t eat to badly at every other meal. I have also started making my lunch on a semi-regular basis for work, which is helping eat healthier, eat less, and also save money.

  • Lose Weight: Failing

OK, this is probably going to be the most disheartening, and if I am honest upsetting, failure on this list. I really wanted to lose weight this year, and so the fact that I am failing spectacularly is rubbish. It is probably the thing that I need to, and want to, work on most for the rest of the year.

  • Tidy Room: Failing

Erm, OK, so I did this for a few weeks, and it was good, and then I forgot, and now it is a bit of a mess again. I am a little bit more organised, but if I am honest, it’s a mess. I should tidy and start again.

  • Tidy Car: Failing (now)

I did this for a few weeks, and do you know what, boot aside it is not that bad. I am annoyed with myself because it was going so well until I went away. I really need to clean my car inside and out, maybe paying to have it washed and/or valeted might help?

  • Bullet Journal: On Track (ish)

I really can’t say that this is on track right now, but I did do it for 2 months, and I am planning on how to make it work for me going forward. I like the premise, but realistically, it wasn’t working for me. I think I may have cracked a way to make it work, so I am planning on taking it up again in April. Failing successfully?

  • Bucket List: Failing

I literally haven’t looked or attempted to start any of these. I haven’t completed a single one. I have written the Oscar winners and the IMDb Top 250 in my Bullet Journal, but that is it. That sadly doesn’t count.


  • Liverpool: Failing

OK, so I am going to blame the weather for this one. I haven’t done much at all in the city, but I have been in work a lot and the weather has been just crap. Now as it is brightening up, I have grand plans to show Emma more of the city.

  • The UK: Failing

I haven’t been to anywhere else in the UK this year, so yeah, this one is failing spectacularly. Emma and I have plans to visit Cathy in Birmingham later this year, and to visit both the Lake District, Edinburgh, and Wales (to see Sarah) so maybe this will pick up later in the year?

  • The World: On Track (completed)

I know, this one I have completed but I can’t even visit places in my own city. I went on a cruise with my Mum last month, and we visited the USA (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and 5 Caribbean Islands (British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua, and St. Maarten). Technically, the last one is the Netherlands, but either way it is a separate country.


  • Readathons: On Track

I feel like this is a lot broader now than when I wrote this at the beginning of the year. I have actually completed, or taken part in, a variety of readathons that I have come across over the year with different degrees of success. I have also been attempting to complete the Book Riot Read Harder and Around the Year in 52 Books, although these are only going moderately well. I did make trackers and thought hard about them at the beginning of the year, but I probably could do better.

  • 52 Books: On Track (ahead of schedule)

OK, this I am smashing, huzzah, woohoo, yey! I have read 34 books up until this point in the year, including a variety of genres, and types. I am thoroughly enjoying reading again, and I am experiencing reading lots of different things, so yes, this is a big success.

  • Old and New Books: Failing (spectacularly)

Erm, ahem, yes, so, erm, I said that I would only buy 1 book for every 3 I read, but……erm, well I have read 34 books and I have bought at least 35, so yes, this is going badly. But in my defence, I love books, and if I stop buying now and read lots then it might balance out by the end of the year. Or I could die in a giant pile of books, which would also be cool so….


  • IMDb Top 250: Failing

I had a look at the beginning of the year, and diligently wrote down the IMDb Top 250 in my bullet journal ready to watch the films over the year. I think we may have watched one, or maybe 2, and that is it. I need to make a conscious effort to watch more ‘good’ films.

  • TV Shows: Failing (spectacularly)

I am up to date with almost nothing. Well, I am up to date with a few new shows, but that defeats the point of getting up to date with shows I watched prior to the start of 2017. I have started some new shows, and then I have decided that I was just going to marathon Friends with Emma again….well…so I am failing. But I am enjoying failing.

Blog/Social Media

  • Twitter Chats: Failing

I really need to start taking part in twitter chats again, because I really enjoy them when I do them. I have done a couple of JA Chats when I have been in AND remembered, but I need to remember more. I also could do with finding some new ones so that if I do forget JA Chat, I have an opportunity to do another. (To follow on twitter:

  • Instagram: On Track (ish)

I really like photographs and Instagram, so I really thought that this would be an easy one. I absolutely definitely post more often, I think about tying my photographs in with my posts when I can, but I didn’t really keep exactly to the actual resolution. I want to post more often, with different themes, and also more pictures that I am actually in. (To follow on Instagram:

  • Blog Posts: On Track

I am really enjoying blogging this year, and I am getting into some sort of routine with different post ideas. I am also remembering to post regularly with book hauls, wraps, reviews, and the odd travel post. I am actually really pleased with my blog this year (thanks to all of you who regularly read it!) Long may this continue!

  • Blog Diversity: On Track

This is pretty linked to the previous post, and I am relatively happy with how this is going. I was aiming to try and have 3 different blog post themes a week, but it is hard to keep up with 3 every week. I have settled for fortnightly posts on most things, and balanced writing them regularly, which makes me really happy. I like writing about books, and travel, and adulting, so yes, I feel like I have stumbled on a winning formula for now.

  • Comments: Failing

I have just, erm, not really done this. I feel really bad, because I really enjoy it when people comment on my posts, and I enjoy it when I comment on other people’s posts. I really should try harder to do this more. I might try and schedule a time in to do this so I get in the habit, and then yes, do it just because rather than because I scheduled it in.

So there we have it. There are a lot of fails on there, aren’t there? And a few kind of but not really On Tracks. Well, it gives me something to look at and gives me an idea of what I need to prioritise over the next 3 months. I am doing as well if not better than I usually am at this point in there year, and I think checking in like this has been just what I needed! So, role on the next resolution filled 3 months!

Did you make any resolutions this year?

How are they going?


5 thoughts on “New Years Resolution: 1st Quarter Check In”

  1. To be fair that is a lot of goals! So I think you are doing quite well and some will be easy to remedy by the end of the year 🙂

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