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Tortola, British Virgin Islands

When you think of the Caribbean, you think of white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. You think of palm tress and coconuts. You think of doing nothing all day but relaxing in the sun, in the warmth, with a book, taking the odd dip in the sea. Well, you’re pretty much thinking of the British Virgin Islands.

Tortola was our first stop on our 10-day Caribbean cruise. I didn’t really know much, well, anything about the British Virgin Islands before I went on my holiday, and if I am honest, I can’t really say I know that much more. That’s not to say that B.V.I are not stunning, and the people aren’t lovely, but there wasn’t a whole lot there.

We spent the majority of the day at a beach Mum had investigated on the opposite side of the Island to the port at Tortola. It was definitely a good idea, because Brewer’s Bay was a quiet white sandy beach with next to no bars, and no loud music playing. Wow, I sound old. But seriously, it was tranquil and perfect for a day of doing nothing.

Maybe that is where the slight problem was. I am not a person who enjoys doing nothing for a day on the beach. Yes, I like a day of doing not much, but the sand irritates me after a while, and while I love going in the sea, or stopping to read a book, there is only so long you can be friends with a palm tree before , and y’know, I am almost allergic to the sun. Yes, you did read that right. I am ginger, and burn just thinking about the sun never mind sitting in it for prolonged periods of time.

I don’t want to put B.V.I down too much, because they were lovely, but I felt they were somewhat sterile and show-like. I know that cruising is big business to towns like Tortola, but there is a fine line between bringing the money in and losing the soul of the island. When you disembark the ship you encounter diamond after jewellery after duty free shop that is constructed in a port village that could be in a Disney park as easy as a Caribbean Port.

If you want beautiful beaches, quiet towns, clear blue seas, and cheap jewellery then this is the place to be (I mean, it’s good enough for Richard Branson and Necker Island.) If you want more history or adventure, maybe this is not the island for you?

2 thoughts on “Tortola, British Virgin Islands”

  1. Well it looks beautiful. But I totally get what you mean about places being over commercialised. Give me a sunbed in the shade by a quite pool (I dislike sand too) instead.

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