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Adulting: Post-Holiday

Holidays, vacations, trips, breaks, whatever you like to call them, they are great. We get away from the mundane and repetitive existence of home and working life, and explore new places, see new things, taste new food and drinks, and (usually) relax. And then you get home, and everything that was going on before you went away is still going on, and there is stuff you need to do that you didn’t realise was a thing. Why is adulting so hard?

I have just been away for the second holiday since I officially moved out and became a full-time adult. It was great, my Mum and I went on a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean and spent a couple of days in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. And then I got home and realised normal life was still going on. Returning from a holiday is no longer going out to play with your friends, it’s full of adult stuff:

  1. Post: Yes, post, that is the number 1 thing on this list, because, funnily enough, post doesn’t stop coming when you’re not there. I am lucky that my housemate Emma was home for the time I was away, because if she hadn’t been I would inevitably lost my cool. She very kindly piled all my post neatly, and piled the dreaded red cards of doom on top. The red cards of doom I hear you ask? Y’know, the ones that postie puts through your door after he definitely didn’t knock on your door staying you can pick your parcel up from the crazy hooker at the other end of the road that you’ve never met, or from the sorting office that is open for 10 mins every third Thursday. They are the bane of my life as someone who works odd hours and can’t get there to collect them. This is why Amazon have their own lockers!
  2. Bills: I know that the bills you pay at home don’t magically stop leaving your account when you go away, but you stop thinking about the things that are switched on at home, or that the things you bought before you went away or while you’re on holiday actually have to be paid for when you return. You stop thinking about the council tax and gym bills that the council will take, because you’re basking in the sun 4,000 miles away. But then you remember they all have to be sorted when you get home, and there is no more demoralising feeling.
  3. Laundry: I did a stupid thing before I went away. I left some washing to do before I went away thinking ‘I’ll have a bit more to make those two half loads into two full loads when I got home, I should leave it until then’. Stupid Liz. I came back and ended up doing four full loads, and hating myself as I didn’t have any clean underwear, and ran out of places to dry my stupidly large amount of washed clothes. There is still a set of bedding that needs washing that was never fitting in the washer with my stuff.
  4. Work: There is no feeling quite like having an awesome time away and then sitting at home knowing that you’ll have to go to work again tomorrow. Well, except the feeling of walking through the front door of your work building and feeling like you’ve never been away. I like my job, so that helps, and there is always the nice moments where you can brag/tell your work pals about your trip, but even then, you know it’s back to the grind to pay to do it all again.
  5. Work Emails: Every day when you’re in work, you sift through the few emails sent since you last sat at your desk, and you mindlessly sort them into the relevant folders, and reading the most important ones. And then you go away for a couple of weeks, set your out of office reply and think nothing more of it. UNTIL, you come back to work, sit at your desk, log in and BOOM, you inbox is full to the rafters of stuff you have to sort through, making sure to weed out the things that are still relevant, the things you need to actually do, and the things that need a reply. It’s one of those tasks that makes going back to work that much more….work.
  6. Car: When you don’t drive your car for a while, it turns out that it may need refilling, and a service, and the battery might die so that when you are over-tired after a long flight and need to drive your car home for work the next day. That, and driving when you’re tired sucks and is dangerous too!

OK, so this is really just a post-holiday rant, but y’know, they’re all legitimate things that I would gladly do again in a few weeks if it meant I went on holiday again soon.

5 thoughts on “Adulting: Post-Holiday”

  1. “Adulting” is a big topic in my life right now. As in my 21 and 22 year olds need to do it. lol. I think the part I hate most about getting away is dealing with work when I get back. This job is very supportive of time off and I have a great team (laterals) to cover for me. In the past–ugh! So many Americans are stuck with the culture of “more is better” when it comes to work that we can’t enjoy the ridiculously small time off when we take it. When I read about France “shutting down” for Just wow. 4 weeks off?? At one time?? Not here! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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    1. Adulting – it’s such hard work! I feel like i am flailing a little bit, but there we go! I am learning to shut off and enjoy my time off, and we have a relatively relaxed attitude to holidays, unlike Americans.
      I know, 4 weeks, could you imagine? Wow!
      Thanks for commenting!


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