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Holiday Reads

I am sure many of you are aware of Friday reads: blog/tweet/instagraming about what we plan to read on that Friday and over the weekend? Well, a little inspired by Jessica, I decided to take the premise and apply it to my upcoming holiday. I love reading, especially while I am away, and I am planning to take a few books (maybe a couple more than Mum realises) so I thought I would let you all in on my holiday TBR.

– His Bloody Project Graeme Macrae Burnetgraeme-macrae-burnet-his-bloody-project

I started this before I left for my holiday away not realising that is feels factual to read. I absolutely love the book so far, but it is not a quick read. I didn’t want to stop reading it or have to put it down for 2 weeks, so it is coming with me!

greatexpectations– Great Expectations Charles Dickens

I am actually taking the audiobook of this away with me rather than taking the actual book itself. I don’t know if I will actually read any, but I think it is quite good to have an alternative for on the flight, but also for the gym. Yes, the gym. I plan to use the gym on our days at sea!

nomad– Nomad James Swallow

I read a good review of this a couple of weeks back, and it had a sticker on the front of it for fans of I am Pilgrim. I haven’t actually read that as of yet, but it seems like something I would like. It also sounds like something Mum might consider, so it doubles up as a book for her too.

thegoodliar– The Good Liar Nicholas Searle

I saw this on an offer and recommendation table at Waterstones and decided that it might be something I would like (well done Waterstones, great selling.) It’s another thriller, which I really like reading while I am away!

crisis– Crisis Frank Gardner

I really like Frank Gardner on the news and on his TV programmes, and so when I found out he had a book, and that the book he had written sounded like it was something I would be interested in reading, Mum and I both decided to get it as a double up read for our hols.

after-the-crash– After the Crash Michael Bussi

I still haven’t read Black Water Lilies, and would be taking that away had the copy we own not been hard back. This is Bussi’s other book, so Mum and I are both planning on reading it while we’re there. It’s a good job there are a few books to double up on or we could have been stuck reading the same book!

I am super excited. The weather in the caribbean looks amazing, and we have a good mixture of activities and downtime, so I should be able to get a good amount of relaxation and reading done while I am out there!

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