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Bout of Books 18: Day 4

bob-expert06I am in denial that this is the half way point and I am going to pretend that it’s just going to go on forever, OK? Good! I have a normal shift slot, length, everything today, no overtime or crazy starts or finishes, which makes a weirdly nice change. It’s the local pub’s quiz of the year tonight, and I will actually have an evening to do things. I am hoping the earlier start also means more reading time of course too!

07:01am: I am making coffee in my travel mug this morning, because I need it but there is no way I was getting up earlier just to have coffee before I left (although I did leave time to blog, so that says how important I think this is guys!) I’m 315 pages into Crooked Kingdom and I think changing that on Goodreads made me realise how long this book actually is! It’s good though, y’all should read it! I just wrote y’all, it must be early!

08:14am: Today, I finally parted with my (well Emma’s) Hamilton CD in the car, and move back to audiobooks. The library app didn’t have an unabridged version of Rebecca, so I opted for Simon Prebble (who nails Sherlock Holmes’s novels brilliantly) reading The Valley of Fear. I actually listened to about 45mins on the way to work, not too bad really. I had to hook my phone in my bra strap though to hear it without finding it distracting. Ingenuity for the win!

13:05pm: I discovered yesterday that I could move my lunches if I wanted to, so I had done today, which meant lunch was quite late. I like it like that, and as it was quiet before lunch (well quiet-ish) I’ve got quite a lot more read of Crooked Kingdom, but I am at that stage now where I get ratty if someone interrupts me, which is not a good place to be in a book when you’re reading it in lulls at work!

15:15pm; I think I am probably doing Emma’s head in now. I keep emailing her and messaging her with updates and comments about the book. I just can’t not talk about it and no one in work has read it or has a clue about it.

16:42pm: I can read an hour, well listen, to an hour there and back on the way to work, which is much better than re-listening to music over and over. OK, so not better exactly, but a more productive use of time. I really like Sherlock Holmes as well!

18:45pm: So the chorizo chilli I decided to make for tea was fairly successful (even if I do say so myself), but the discovery of the day has to be having someone man your twitter during a twitter chat. Thanks for helping me with #JAChat, Emma! I love a good twitter chat, Emma and I are both planning our Saturday around a Tavern breakfast and the Bout of Books chat. We have the quiz of the year tonight which is going to scupper my grand plans to finish Crooked Kingdom this evening!

20:09pm: I accidentally got caught in another twitter chat called #culturetrav, and now I have done no more reading. I have done the challenge for today though, see below! I’m not getting much done before the quiz, am I?

23:14pm: So we did OK in the pub quiz of 2016, we only lost on the tie-breaker. It also brought the moment your Mum is talking about dieting and says, ”are you doing Joe Wicks’ and without missing a beat your Dad replies ”She wishes”. I think, on that note, I am going to head to bed, read, and get some sleep as I am in at 6am tomorrow morning, which is far from fun.


bobToday’s challenge is book spine poetry, and while I am normally fairly rubbish with this one, I do enjoy it. I even think I may have accidentally created a novel idea this time! I am sorry for the very poor picture quality, but it shows the books I used for this challenge! I hope you’ve had fun with it to!

OK, here it is:

The Counsellor, The Executor,

The Unwanted, The Sympathizer,

The Sellout, The Chosen One.

Run For Your Life, Hide and Seek.

Killing Floor, His Bloody Project.

In Cold Blood.


Books Read/Listened to: Crooked Kingdom; The Valley of Fear

Pages Read: 158

Feelings: I like audiobooks in the car, I should keep that up!

2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 18: Day 4”

    1. It took me longer than it should have to realise this half an hour each way to work could be spent so productively, but when I realised…!!
      Chorizo chilli, what it says on the tin, chilli with chorizo in too…..bloody brilliant if I do say so myself!


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