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Bout of Books 18: Day 3

bob-expert06We’re nearly half way through Bout of Books 18, what is this madness? Not sure I am OK with how fast these readathons fly by if I am being honest with you. Not that I can do anything about it mind. I am really starting to enjoy my second book of the readathon Crooked Kingdom, and I am really hoping for a slightly less crazy day. My head felt all over the place many times yesterday!!


o7:44am:I brought my book down with me this morning, rather optimistically. I’ve got the coffee on and the breakfast is about to be made, so I guess you never know. I have a feeling work is going to be crazy busy again, which is good really, it just makes me more tired at the end of the 12hr shift. It makes me more appreciative of my breaks though!

09:24am: I’ve arrived to work a little early today, again, but this time it is by choice as I was dropping Emma off at work. I am plodding through Crooked Kingdom now pretty quickly. I say plodding, I mean flying, because I really am getting a fair amount of reading done. I think in 2017 I’m on about 100 pages read per day.

13:34pm: Now as more information is available and we have been filled in, I feel like my work mind is clearer. I was in a vastly better mood at work today, which if we’re being honest doesn’t say that much. Even though it was quite busy, I was able to read a couple of pages here and there before my break, and had a great discussion about finances with Omar – definitely got me thinking.

18:32pm: Man I am struggling. I am on about 280ish pages down with the book, I am tired, and work is dragging. I’m quite enjoying it today, I just feel like the clock has completely stopped. Like completely not working. Can that happen? It can right?! I am really into this book now, still not Six of Crows style, but properly into it.

21:51pm: Emma is bullet journaling again and I have only removed the plastic from mine. I really need to start or it will get too late in the month! I haven’t read anymore, but we have had a financially responsible evening. We’ve finally sorted bills (it only took 4 months) and I have set up a sneaky savings standing order, which will hopefully start helping that balance soon. I am quite tired tonight, which isn’t a bad thing. I should really get an early start, but then I should also do some bullet journalling…maybe tomorrow night when I finish early but haven’t yet gone to the quiz?!

23:41pm: Early night, pssssht, I forgot that, started planning my bullet journal with post it notes (don’t want to make a permanent mistake now!) and I also read 30 pages, because, why not!


Today’s challenge from Bout of Books is to discuss our favourite book to movie adaptations/books we wish and think would make awesome adaptations. I’ve gone down two routes here, my favourite book to screen adaptation of the moment, and also the book that I would really like to see as a movie.

casino casino_royale_007Casino Royale: I say this as someone who has read the book three times now, and seen the film many more times. There are differences between the novel and the movie, but the big-screen adaptation is one of the best examples of a book being adapted and crafted to work perfectly on screen, While Daniel Craig is probably not my favourite Bond ever, he is probably closest to the book description, and just works so well for this particular novel. I love a good spy novel/film at the best of times!

six-of-crowsSix of Crows: I have seen that many people have said the same about this, but I think it could be a great film. It would have to be done well, and I mean really well, because the completeness of the heist element is pretty much as good as I have ever read, so it would be a shame if that was ruined. But get it right, and cast well, it could be spectacular!

Do you have any favourite book to movie adaptations, or books you think would make awesome films?


Pages read: 145

Books Read: Crooked Kingdom

Feelings: Good day all round!


3 thoughts on “Bout of Books 18: Day 3”

  1. Dang girl! You got lots of reading done! Great job!!!

    You know, I’ve been hearing so many great things about Six of Crows. Since I am not allowed to buy any books this year, I hope I can check it out at my library.


    1. You definitely do, it was awesome and definitely my book of 2016.
      I am really getting into Crooked Kingdom now, it follows on (obviously for a sequel) but the story is different (again, obviously) and the pacing isn’t the same!
      Thanks, happy reading to you too!


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