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Bout of Books 18: Day 2

bob-expert06Well, if yesterday is anything to go by and I can replicate my success, then today is hopefully going to be another booktastic reading day. I ended up shifting through the rest of my first book, and reading 50 pages of my second. This never normally happens, I normally struggle to get going and rally at the end. It makes a nice change! To see my progress from yesterday, click here.

How are you getting on so far? If you haven’t signed up yet, but are still interested, fear not, you can still sign up here until midnight tonight!


06:54am: It’s a bit early, it’s still dark, it’s cold, but I am going to have time to get my car sorted, and right now that is all that seems to matter, I read 50 pages of Crooked Kingdom last night before I went to sleep, so I am going to take that with my to work, and for the train (urgh). I’m worried a little about sorting this M.O.T for my car out, but hey, once it is done, it’s done. I’m still really gutted i missed the twitter chat last night, but 2am was just too late 😦 I hope you all had a good time!

09:15am: I know this sounds ridiculous, and possibly judgey, but I am super glad I drive to work these days. It was nice to get the train with Emma this morning, but training to work is going to get tiring quickly! Hopefully little Fitz passes his MOT with flying colours. I’m going to read a bit before I start my shift (at 10am) because I am a bit early. And I’m hungry, stupid muesli box was empty though, sigh.

14:01pm: OK, so today is busy, the January rush at a travel job is starting, and it has arrived hard. I haven’t really had time to read. I mean, I’ve read about 40 pages, so it’s not nothing, but it’s not a lot either! There is an air of tension and change in work today which is a bit off, so I am going to slide off into a corner with my lunch and read.

14:28pm: I didn’t get to slide off and read. I had to eat, and help people, and just wasn’t able to get much done. Sigh. Buuuuut my car passed it’s MOT, so wooo yey.

18:11pm: I am now 120 pages through Crooked Kingdom. It’s not setting the world alight in the same way Six of Crows did, but I am really enjoying it, and as Emma pointed out, Kaz is Kaz. The impending changes have been released at work, and while no-one is fully aware of what is happening, rumblings and comments are already starting to circulate. I’m trying to stay out of it and get all the info, and of course, see what happens. My friends at work are saving my bacon and giving me a lift home instead of getting the train back. Thanks guys!

22:45pm: Emma has decided to do her bullet journal and now I feel very behind with mine. Sigh, I just don’t think I am in either an awake or a tolerant enough mood to plan it out and actually start it. I haven’t even done any reading, I’ve just moaned, played tetris and sat with my ear in a mug. Oh the high life. I might read before I go to bed. (I say might, we all know that should say I will.)

23:58: Sooooo, I did stay up, I read another 50 pages, and things are getting interesting. Crooked Kingdom is beginning to grow on me a little more (but then I always expected it would!!


Today’s challenges is all about goals for 2017. We all set resolutions in goals at the beginning for the year I think, even if we do it subconsciously or don’t tell anybody. I actually wrote a whole post one mine for this rear which can be view here, please check it out!

This year is about improving myself. I like myself, but I know I could do things to make me happier, or feel better. The main goals I have are to live a healthier lifestyle, to read books and watch films that are new to me (especially before buying even more new ones), and to travel more within my own country (the UK is full of amazing places that I’ve never seen!).

What do you have planned for 2017, what are your goals and aims?


Pages Read: 120 pages

Books Read: Crooked Kingdom

Feelings: A mixed working day, and a slightly slower reading day.

6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 18: Day 2”

    1. I love the twitter chats as well, such a great way to catch up with everyone! At least I am off work on Saturday, I have it scheduled into my afternoon! See you there?!


  1. Glad your car passed! That reminds me that I need to take in my car for some services too.

    Good luck with your goals! Though I never say it or mention it, being happy is my ultimate goal. All of my goals that I announce are always geared to my overall goal of happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, so am I, that’s it sorted for another year!
      I think all of mine are too really, I think about what I like and makes me happy, and use those to generate my goals going forward. As my Gran would say ‘Being rich in life is being happy’


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