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Friday Reads: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

xmasjumperIt took us a while to put up the decorations this year, but the tree is well up, the Christmas jumpers are out and on, the festive baguettes and drinks are in the shops, and last night was the Christmas Quiz. I bloody love Christmas (as anyone who has seen my continually growing festive jumper will attest to – see pictured for my Christmas Eve jumper this year). The 23rd to 25th December is hardly the best weekend to commit to reading anything, but who cares, I’m going to do it anyway!

I haven’t read a lot this year, and I know it is now unlikely that I will read a lot before the end of the year if I’m being honest, so I ma going to commit to reading next to nothing. I haven’t picked up a graphic novel in a long while, so I am thinking that Friday 23rd December might be the right time to read Sin City. Probably one of the least festive reads there is but pssshh.

There are many Christmas books that we amassed over the years as children, and it is almost tradition that I have a look the T’was the Night Before Christmas at least once. Another story that makes me feel festive is Harry Potter, a large part of that is Christmas at Hogwarts, so I think I may pick up these again and read them over the Christmas break too. Hopefully Santa will bring the illustrated versions!

I hope Santa brings everything you wish for, have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, healthy, and happy new year!!!

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