Strictly Saturdays: The One where Strictly went Gangnam Style

It’s that time of year again – get out your spray cans, fish out the rhinestones and sequins I know you have stashed away, and grab the wineglasses – Strictly Come Dancing is back! Yep, you read that right, the nation’s favourite Saturday night show is back on TV. And while last night was really good, I do think Strictly makes a Saturday night, and Saturday nights are made for Strictly.

This year, I happen to be living with a good friend who is also a big Strictly fan and fellow blogger. This means only one thing – doubled-up live-blogging… because bitching comments and shameless perving shouldn’t just be reserved for our living room, it should be shared with the…masses?

Here’s how it works:
Each week myself and Emma will be bringing you a tag-team live-blog of Strictly Come Dancing. We will be alternating whose blog it is posted on so if you want to keep up-to-date with our clearly deeply insightful commentaries, then you should make sure you’re following both of our blogs.

I don’t want to get too carried away at the beginning of the post, but there was big news last week for our household. Laura and Giovanni finally bit the bullet, they are no more, finito, bye bye, never going to dance again, out of the competition, gone, finished, done, outta there. I’m ecstatic. We also are back to normal, just the two of us, in on a Saturday night.

So, now as the business end of the post is out of the way, let’s get dancing.

Opening Creds/Intro

Liz: Woo woo, she has gone!

Emma: I feel like it could be Ed’s week to go

Liz: I always feel the public sacks of the shitters in the week before Blackpool. Only the good ones deserve to dance in Blackpool.

Emma: I dunno whose got the worst one there

Liz: I’d rather walk down on my own.

Emma: are they all going to have to dance with poppies

Liz: they normally have those shiny shiny ones they well in marks and sparks

Emma: I kinda forgot the fact Brucey used to present

Liz: I haven’t, I’m forever grateful for Claudia

Emma: Aww Kevin

Liz: Awwwwww

Emma: AJ just looks 12

Liz: Ed’s really lost weight

Emma: That’s an odd choice in shirt Danny

Liz: Take it off! Take it off!

Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec: Salsa to ‘Groove is in the Heart’ (watch here)

Emma: That’s a very brave shirt.

Liz: I hadn’t notice because his ickle face

Emma: Let’s see the bicycle bit. Therrrre it is

Emma: It’s a lot of limb to lift

Liz: Yeah, but, her limbs in that lift though

Emma: I really don’t want them to have to dance off again

Liz: I feel like its lacking hip action a bit. Them legs though.

Emma: do you know what I think it is, too deliberate

Liz: Salsa shouldn’t be like that, should be dirty and messy

Emma: don’t get me wrong its accomplished, and I’m glad they got that lift down because that could have gone wrong.

Liz: I didn’t love it

Emma: She got through it all though

Judges’ comments

Emma: What’s he doing on the screen, why they focusing on Nick Grimshaw. She’s not dating him surely, he’s gay right?

Liz: He’s very gay!

Emma: Oh, I thought it was 60’s Bruno

Liz: Hippies were 60’s yeah.

Emma: Just her legs. doesn’t need to extend them

Liz: As a dwarf, I appreciate them

Judges’ Scores

Emma: I do like that Aljaz always says thanks

Liz: Always polite

Emma: When it’s a profile shot, his arse is tiny,

Craig: 7 Darcey: 8 Len: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 31

Liz: This is a good T+Cs, got to love some maraichis.

Greg Rutherford and Natalie Lowe: Paso Doble to ‘Tamacun’ (watch here)

Emma: I ‘urgh’ on your behalf

Liz: I dislike her immensely.

Emma: Bit of cape work there.

Liz: I don’t feel like this is going to be the epitome of grace.

Emma: He’s got really skinny legs. You’re not manly Greg

Liz: This is another Giovanni moment, she’s the pro, get her off

Emma: Can’t cape work with her shawl

Emma: His face is doing the same again, where he’s being serious and is goes pouty

Liz: No visible spotting this week though, the face is comical for different reasons

Liz: His arse again

Emma: Did they just cheer because he can jump?

Liz: He was literally, an Olympics champion in being able to jump/

Emma: It wasn’t a stand up moment, sit down

Judges’ comments

Emma: It wasn’t that good, passable

Liz: Oh God Bruno, stop it!

Liz: That’s the bit you like isn’t it, the artistry bit

Emma: The campy bit, yeah. I like the flamenco-y bits, the bits with the shaping and the woman with her dress

Liz: A bit of finesse, that’s the word to some the last comments up

Emma: Did Len just throw shade?

Judges’ Scores

Liz: I didn’t adore it

Emma: That could have gone a lot worse though.

Craig: 7 Darcey: 8 Len: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 31

Emma: I’m not being funny but that was not the same as Daisy’s.

Liz: Totally overmarked

Robert ‘Judge’ Rinder and Oksana Platero: Foxtrot to ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ (watch here)

Emma: They’re properly cute interrupting old people.

Liz: Their doing the dance he wanted to do because of his grandparents while they’re there too!

Liz: I do find remember the steps helps.

Emma: Awwww Her dress is really nice.

Emma: What was that?

Liz: The white trousers make more sense now.

Emma: His arm did something there, didn’t like that.

Liz: Aww he looks like he is having so much fun. He’s right that his face does that thing when he is happy.

Judges’ Comments

Emma: Just look at him. They just make me smile. His grandparents. His Grandad is crying.

Liz: Emma is losing it. They do look so proud.

Emma: Craig and him, I love them, they’re like yin and yang of the same person

Liz: Has Darcey dyed her hair, it looks darker.

Emma: Oh Len. And stop referencing Mary Berry just because she’s there.

Liz: Your job is literally to be finnicky winnicky

Emma: Look at his Grandad though, I feel very emotional.

Liz: I am also pleased that we just saw Robert as well Bruno.

Judges’ Scores

Liz: They’re so sweet

Emma: Awwww…

Liz: Emma’s gone.

Craig: 7 Darcey: 9 Len: 9 Bruno: 8 Total: 33

Emma: Yes, 9’s.

Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton: Rumba to ‘Ordinary People’ (watch here)

Liz: Oh, it’s a rumba

Emma: I’ll try not to fall asleep.

Liz: Joanne is stunning. I love her.

Liz: That’s an ambitious shirt

Emma: She looks amazing

Liz: Oh I love this song. Not going to improve the rumba though.

Emma: Start dancing.

Liz: You’ll be waiting a while, it’s a rumba

Emma: That was very…..feminine.

Liz: You have to over exaggerate and go for it though

Emma: I also feels like the man doesn’t have to do. If you the celebrity woman, there is more to do, to comment on. It’s just a load of posturing, hand extensions

Liz: It’s just a bit….poncy rubbish.

Emma: It’s just slow and bad

Judges’ Comments

Emma: But…..?

Liz: How can you love a rumba Darcey?

Judges’ Scores

Liz: It’s barely dancing

Craig; 8 Darcey: 9 Len: 8 Bruno: 9 Total: 35

Emma: I don’t want him to get shit scores obviously, but, they bitched about it.

Liz: I sense sarcasm Claud.

Ed Balls and Katya Jones: Salsa to ‘Gangnam Style’ (watch here)

Liz: OH here we go.

Emma: Oh j=Jesus, he’s got the shades.

Liz: This could be ‘interesting’

Emma: Oh Jeeeeesus

Liz: He’s bad at this. I didn’t know you could be bad at gangnam style.

Liz: Ooooh it won’t be dull

Emma: I think he might drop her

Liz: What are his hands doing.

Emma: I’m traumatised again.

Liz: Oh god he’s lifting her.

Emma: What is that? She was not in the right position

Emma: He did that leg thing right

Liz: I’m well impressed

Emma: Jesus, clearly they’re just gone, Ed lift her.

Liz: She has a lot of trust in him.

Emma: What did I just see??

Liz: He finished right on time. I quite liked it.

Emma: It was definitely entertaining

Liz: Well, it is an entertainment show.

Judges Comments

Emma: Darcey can’t stop laughing

Liz: Look at Gorka

Emma: Can I just point out that is the former shadow chancellor

Liz: It is an entertainment show, for enjoyment.

Emma: Yeah, but he can’t actually dance though can he. He occasionally accidentally dances.

Liz: I think Darcey loved it.

Judges’ Scores

Emma: They didn’t really get comments there.

Liz: Oh Jeez

Emma: He’s going up the stairs Gangnam styling, they’re all doing it.

Liz: Yeah but they’re professionals

Craig: 4 Darcey: 7 Len: 8 Bruno: 6 Total: 25

Liz: They’re ridiculously over-marked.

Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard: Viennese Waltz to ‘Breakaway’ (watch here)

Liz: AJ’s had a haircut!

Emma: When people say I’m going to give it my all this week, well, shouldn’t you be doing that every week.

Liz: That could be a risky move

Emma: That looked like a lift when you did it there

Emma: Awwe look how cute they are

Liz: They play up the teenager angle with teenage songs

Emma: Oh that was smooth

Liz: I feel wrong looking at his arse, but it’s good.

Liz: Bloody hell, he flung her there. That was quite good though.

Emma: OH look how happy Gorka is

Liz: Look how stunning he is

Judges’ Comments

Liz: To be fair, her face is low to the fall

Emma: Can you really be surprised she is like that given her background, Darcey?

Emma: Is it just me, or are the judges’ comments sections not as long.

Liz: I know what you mean, I feel they’re a bit rushed

Judges’ Scores

Craig: 9 Darcey: 8 Len: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 36

Liz: You’re not missing anything

Emma: Don’t believe them, it’s shit.

Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse: Argentine Tango to ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ (watch here)

Emma: Are you ready?

Liz: Slightly hyperventilating, this could be 40 good.

Emma: I don’t think you’ll ever be ready

Liz: I still don’t know how he did that move

Emma: He’s very supple

Liz: I feel like they don’t lack intimacy and passion

Emma: Shit

Liz: Wow, their legs

Emma: There is so much complexity

Liz: It’s just so good, such quality

Emma: I feel like I’m watching something I shouldn’t be.

Liz: Jesus wow that split lift

Emma: I feel like I’ve seen her crotch a lot

Liz: That last lift though, wow

Emma: I feel like it was a very violent Argentine Tango. Do I mean violent, yes, yes I think I do.

Liz: It’s passionate

Emma: Yeah, that’s the word.

Liz: I feel like if Kevin and Louise’s got 39, that has to get 40.

Emma: Aww

Liz: Very cute there Danny

**It was so good and we liked it so much, we rewound it and watched it again**

Judges’ Comments.

Liz: He treats him like a dancer

Emma: I agree with them there

Liz: I don’t, I loved it.

Emma: There wasn’t enough lingering

Liz: They’re so perfect

Emma: Bruno’s going to love it. Danny can’t tell it.

Liz: I feel like this shows the difference in feeling of a dance

Judges’ scores

Liz: I love Oti

Emma: What? But, Oh danny.

Craig: 9 Darcey: 9 Len: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 38

Liz: He looks really emotional

Emma: I can’t see him cry. I can’t watch.

Liz: He’s had a hard week I think

Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton: American Smooth to ‘Hey, Big Spender’ (watch here)

Liz: Kevin looks really good, really really good.

Emma: Yeah

Liz: I think this could be really good.

Emma: Yeah they just need to go for it.

Emma: He looks really good like that

Liz: The drama, and the dress!

Emma: I don’t understand how that happened

Liz: Love this. So perfectly timed.

Emma: They’re having a little conversation there

Liz: Yeah you could hear them behind the feathers

Judges’ Comments

Emma: She’s really growing in confidence

Liz: Kevin has really brought something out of her.

Emma: Awwww Len.

Liz: Ooooooohhhh

Emma: Ten from Len?

Liz: He’s now flirting with women. Oh Bruno. He’s very Austin Powers

Emma: Aww did you see Kevin there

Liz: Loving the dig

Emma: A dig at Giovanni there

Liz: I feel like that’s what Kevin does best, he shows his partner off perfectly.

Emma: He’s just not me me me

Judges’ Scores

Liz: You don’t look stupid Louise.

Emma: Aww my God Kevin

Liz: It’s no wonder that Louise is growing confidence!

Craig: 9 Darcey: 9 Len: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 37

L: No, Karen and Joanne were doing undermarked.

Emma: Is that side to side move the ‘undermarked dance’.




L: I feel like Daisy and Greg are in danger

E: What did Greg do again?

L: A Paso

E: See this is his problem, I’ve already forgotten. I feel like his routines are always just passable. This is the thing, you never forget Ed’s dance.

L: There’s a noticeable gulf forming between the best and the rest for me this week.

L: I think I loved Kevin and Louise more than Danny and Oti. Just, just about. I love that style, it was amazing.

E: That’s a big statement.

So, with Blackpool looming and the dancer’s whittling in number, tomorrow night is ever more important. See you there, and…

….keep dancing!

Results Show

Coming Soon!

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