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The 140 Character Review: Marvel TV

The 140 character review is a short and to the point tweet length review of, well, anything really (but mainly books, movies, live productions, and TV shows). It was born from a desire to review everything I watched, read, and saw, without committing to long length reviews.  To see more, click here.

Today, I have continued with one of my favourite collections: The Marvel Universe. I  decided to split it into 3 sections, Phase 1, Phase 2, and TV series, which will be released over 3 weekends. Two weeks ago, I reviewed Phase 1, last weekend was Phase 2, and this week I delve into the little screen:

This week, the number of reviewed works is going to be a little fewer than other weeks. That is simply because, out of the 5 TV shows that Marvel have currently released, I have only seen 3 in full, 1 partially, and 1 has only just been released.

agentsAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D: So exciting, appropriately geeky, good action and CGI esp. for TV. Good balance between drama and humour, loveable characters in FitzSimmons

agent-cartermarvelabcAgent Carter: Kick-ass, witty, confident, and that’s just Atwell’s Carter. Noir-esque, action and comedy packed nostalgic gem. TV heroine at it’s best

daredevilDaredevil (Partially watched): Intense, magnetic, dark show with brutality and realism abound. Cox perfects Murdock/Daredevils duality perfectly, and Fisk is terrifying

jessica-jonesJessica Jones: A well-executed and well-balanced complex and manipulative throwback show, amazing setting and cinematography and a truly memorable villain

marvels-luke-cageLuke Cage: Yet to watch.

What did you think of these TV shows? How would you review them, especially in just 140 characters?


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