Strictly Saturdays: The One at the Movies

It’s that time of year again – get out your spray cans, fish out the rhinestones and sequins I know you have stashed away, and grab the wineglasses – Strictly Come Dancing is back! Yep, you read that right, the nation’s favourite Saturday night show is back on TV. And while last night was really good, I do think Strictly makes a Saturday night, and Saturday nights are made for Strictly.

This year, I happen to be living with a good friend who is also a big Strictly fan and fellow blogger. This means only one thing – doubled-up live-blogging… because bitching comments and shameless perving shouldn’t just be reserved for our living room, it should be shared with the…masses?

Here’s how it works:
Each week myself and Emma will be bringing you a tag-team live-blog of Strictly Come Dancing. We will be alternating whose blog it is posted on so if you want to keep up-to-date with our clearly deeply insightful commentaries, then you should make sure you’re following both of our blogs.

Last week, the pressure was turned up and we lost our first dancer, Melvin, The circumstances under which he went were nothing short of ridiculous, and it is safe to say that Anastasia is going to be in for a tough time over the next few weeks!

Opening credits

Liz: I really hope it doesn’t last as long this weekend. I love strictly, but last Saturday was a little marathon-esque.

Emma: Liz just got excited because she remembered it was movie if we’d somehow forgot.

Liz: Oh it’s movie week. Yay.

Liz: I’m still furious about the travesty last week. It doesn’t help that Anastasia looks so smug in the credits as well (yes I know it was filmed ages ago). Poor Melvin.

Emma: I fucking love Ed balls pretending to be serious and actory

Liz: Ooooo a pro dance, get in.  Why does Natalie have to be the focus? (watch the group dance here)

Emma: Brendan without hair is one of the freakier things I’ve seen on strictly!

Emma: Omg Aljaz sticking his tongue out at the camera at the end of the pro dance, he’s so cute and excitable, like a puppy!

Liz: Tess and Claudia have gone with the daring thigh splits this week.

Emma: Jesus Gorka, that’s an unacceptable outfit

Liz: Oh hello strippergram policeman Gorka!!

Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec Quickstep to ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ from Mary Poppins (watch here)

Emma: He looks so cute as Burt.

Liz: I love the quickstep, it’s my favourite dance.

Emma: She really tries with these little intro bits.

Liz: They both do, it almost makes me like her.

Emma: I’m starting to like him more and more, I mean I already liked him but…

Emma: Oh his smile

Emma: A bit controversial, but,  is the song fast enough

Liz: I think it’s a half beat to slow.

Emma: Awww, that was the cutest bit

Liz: that was such a cute ending.

Judges’ Comments

Liz: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious word does not sound right in a Italian accent

Emma: Aljaz’s face drops when he gets criticism

Emma: Darcey was basically saying she is tall and gangly there.

Judges’ Scores

C: 7 D: 8 L:8 B: 8 T: 31

Liz: Ooooo voiceover man for the T+C’s

Anastasia and Brendan Cole: Viennese Waltz to ‘A Thousand Years’ from Twilight (watch here)

Liz: Boooooo, HISSSSSSS

Emma: Is he going to sparkle? IS HE GOING TO SPARKLE?

Emma: This is just wrong

Liz: I am still unhappy about this.

Emma: His face looks weird

Liz: I think they have paled and vampired him up.

Emma: is her hand supposed to be like that? Is her top line supposed to be more exaggerated?

Liz: I feel like he looks like he is dragging her and carrying her.

Emma: I like her dress, and her hair…shame I don’t like her.

E: Every bit looks like she was thinking about it

Liz: I didn’t think it was smooth enough.

Judges’ Comments

Liz: First Bruno Len bashing

Emma: It was simple, nothing wrong with that but it was a bit, well, simple.

Liz: I just feel like when the dance involves mainly spinning, if that’s the bit you struggle with then you’re never going to be great

Emma: Fleckel alert.

Judges’ Scores

Emma: did he just call her trouble?

Liz: she is really pretty when she is toned down

C: 6 D: 7 L: 7 B: 7 T: 27

Liz: Emma’s Len seveeeeen is getting really quite good.

Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse: Paso Doble to ‘The Train’ from The Mask of Zorro (watch here)

Emma: I fucking love Zorro

Liz: I think he will bring the drama to this.

Liz: How does he make the fencing suit look good?

Emma: It’s the hair.

Liz: Cape work, we have cape work

Liz: Oooo he can create the shape, but it’s quite camp

Emma: Yeah, but you have to go for it,

Emma: That was good, that was a lovely leap.

Emma: It’s quite graceful for a man

Liz: Yeah, that was really good.

Judges’ Comments

Emma: Bruno looks ready to pounce.

Liz: Awww his little face to such great Craig remarks. Oti still reacts like I would. She is so proud of herself

Emma: For week 3, for week whatever

Liz: I hate the way they say that, it’s either good enough, or not.

Emma: Oh here we go. The flamenco does look camp at times, but the flamenco is why it is my fave at times.

Judges’ Scores

C: 9 D:  9 L: 9 B: 9 T: 36

Liz: Thought we might have got a 10 there.

Lesley Joseph and Anton Du Beke: Quickstep  to ‘A Couple of Swells’ from Easter Parade (watch here)

Liz: Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Big shoes to fill.

Emma: Yeah, no pressure.

Emma: I got it different, not wrong, I’m going to remember that.

Liz: I never though I’d see Anton do yoga

Emma: in a suit

Emma: C’mon, start dancing….

Liz: She looks like she is almost not touching the floor

Liz: Oh, will they count that as a lift?

Judges’ Comments

Liz: Did her dress split? Phew, no.

Emma: Awwww

Liz: They’re all finding Len’s favourite steps tonight

Emma: But…

Liz: I feel a but coming Bruno

Emma: when they say to actors that the characterisation is good, I’m a bit like well…no shit, it’s literally their day job.

Judges’ Scores

Liz: I love the quickstep too!

C: 6 D: 7 L: 7 B: 7 T: 27

Emma: 6?!

Will Young and Karen Clifton: Salsa to ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire (watch here)

Liz: Andddd the dodgy fashion is back.

Emma: Ooo, how long do you think they have been stood like that for?

Liz: His pants are…erm…they make him look very gifted in the crotchal region

Emma: Yeah they do

Liz: Oof, that was risky

Emma: Wow that was impressive

Liz: I kind of wish he hadn’t dragged her across the floor straight after. I like it though.

Emma: I like that they have put Bollywood bits

Liz: they really have gone with the theme well

Liz: Blimey that lift.

Emma: I really liked that

Liz: I could watch that again straight away

Judges’ Comments

Liz: The Bollywood was great, but maybe you’re right that there wasn’t enough salsa in the salsa. I see what you mean, Len.

Emma: Yeah I can see what he meant.

Emma: Oh Will talking back

Liz: Turn up keep up shut up…..ohhh, Len”

Emma: that was a bit awkward wasn’t it.

Liz: Bruno is going to decapitate Len tonight if he isn’t careful

Judges’ Scores

Emma: Awww that was really classy Will

C: 8 D: 8 L: 7 B: 8 T: 31

Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev: Tango to ‘Theme Song’ from Mission Impossible (watch here)

Emma: Oooo pasha looks good, actually so does she

Liz: They look fierce

Liz: She has to bring the drama here, this is a big dance and a famous song.

Emma: Ooo, oo, erm… *sigh* pasha looks really good

Liz: Hello Pasha’s arse

Emma: I am bit a distracted by the trousers.

Liz: of who? They both look good.

Liz: A bit much messing about.

Emma: But they has to get off the thingy

Emma: I liked that

Liz: I’m not sure really sure about it

Emma: It was alright, but it wasn’t amazing.

Judges’ Comments

Liz: Foxy, yes she does look good Tess and Bruno

Liz: A lot of constructive criticism, feel like they haven’t been as harsh as they feared they might be.

Judges’ Scores

C: 5 D: 6 L: 7 B: 7 T: 25

Emma: Oh Craig!!

Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero: Charleston to ‘Meet the Flinstones’ from The Flintstones (watch here)

Ema: Oh wow look at that wig.

Liz: He seems a little calmer this week.

Liz: How I he doing this pre-amble seriously. Emma is giggling away watching

Emma: I think out of everything, if this isn’t good it will be most disappointing.

Liz: Ohh erm….

Emma: That looked like that went wrong.

Liz : I feel like he looks like he has clubbed feet.

Emma: Are they his boxer shorts there?

Liz: That looked like it went a little wrong again. Did he actually get his legs over her there.

Emma: *huge intake of breath*

Liz: I feared when he flipped there.

Judges’ Comments

Emma: Hopefully no one noticed? I feel like everyone noticed there.

Liz: His face was less annoying this week. Or fitted more.

Emma: The strictly curse, it’s not that kinda curse.

Judges’s Scores

Emma: He is the campest caveman

C: 7 D: 8 L: 6 B: 6 T: 27

Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton: American Smooth to ‘Singin’ in the rain’ from Singin’ in the Rain (watch here)

Liz: I have a good feeling about this.

Emma: Don’t’ fuck it up

Liz: Was that a prop there? That is dangerous.

Ema: He looks good

Liz: Yes, yes he does

Liz: This is very smooth

Emma: He face there, awww.

Liz: What was that skippy umbrella slap?

Emma: What a smooth bastard

Liz: OH yes, such a good umbrella flip

Emma: It was so lovely

Judges; Comments

Emma: He is very likeable. That might be one of my favourite American smooths

Liz: Wow, ‘’all the physical attributes of Gene Kelly’’ you don’t get much higher praise that that Ore.

Emma: Do you think they might get a 10?

Liz: I really want them to. This is very high praise. I loved it.

Judges’ Scores

C: 8 d: 9 L: 9 B: 9 T:35

Emma: Oh fuck off.

Liz: Agreed, that should have been more

Laura Whitmore and Giovanni Pernice: Salsa to ‘Rhythm of the Night’ from Moulin Rouge (watch here)

Liz: I feel like this is just going to be sex.. I hope it goes wrong.

Emma: They’re definitely fucking. Look where his face is!?

Liz: Oh I don’t like this

Emma: Something is wrong with the way she is standing.

Liz: I feel like she was concentrating too much on the lifts.

Judges’ Comments

Liz: Yes it was a bit on the raunchy side, Len. I completely agree, unlike Bruno. I fear what Bruno might give them.

Emma: Exactly. I agree with Craig

Judges’ Scores

C: 7 D: 7 L: 7 B: 9 T: 30

Emma: 9 bruno? Sit down.

Greg Rutherford and Natalie Lowe: American Smooth to ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You’ from Robin Hood (watch here)

Emma: That’s not the best

Liz: I don’t like this song. It was number 1 when I was born.

Liz: Oh the cheeky wink

Emma: I’m just going to say it, I think he looks more like Peter Pan than Robin Hood

Liz: I think it’s the hat

Liz: I feel like they have used that jacket to hide his arse. I do love those spins and lifts though.

Liz: How many lifts are you allowed to do?

Emma: That was what, 4? 5?

Liz: I thought you were only allowed 3

Emma: That was mostly lifts, more than dancing.

Liz: I really liked it but not sure is was an American smooth

Judges’ Comments

Emma: Oh god Bruno

Liz: Even when he is trying to be toned down, he is harassing her

Emma: Almost a compliment there?

Liz: That was a little backhanded.

Emma: It was like they said ‘’here’s the lift section’’.

Liz: Bullseye. I see what you did there Len.

Judges’ Scores

C: 8 D: 8 L: 8 B: 8 T: 32

Liz: I still don’t like her.

Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard: Charleston to ‘You Give a Little Love’ from Bugsy Malone (watch here)

Emma: He looks like an actual kid

Liz: I feel like they belong on Strictly juniors

Emma: She cackles, that’s brilliant

Liz: I hope they put a pie in the routine too.

Emma: Sorry I’m distracted by the fact he is 12

Liz: This is going to be really good

Emma: Ohh

Liz: That was quite a lift. This is definitely not lacking content

Liz: PIES.

Emma: Craig’s smiling!

Judges’ Comments

Liz: Len doesn’t look impressed, I don’t think he liked the pie mess.

Emma: It was quite fast, it was full of stuff.

Liz: Cheeky Bake off reference there Len

Judges’ Scores

C: 9 D: 9 L: 9 B: 9 T: 36

Liz: He goes a bit high doesn’t he

Emma: He goes a bit high? Well, he is like 12

Tameka Empson and Gorka Marquez: Tango to ‘The Heat is On’ from Beverly Hills Cop (watch here)

Liz: Jesus Christ Gorka.

Emma: Oh shit, he looks good like that.

Liz: Awww, he looks so proud of her!

Emma: She just makes me smile

Liz: That look should be illegal, Gorka

Emma: This is the weirdest tango music ever, but it kind of fits with her.

Liz: They are very cheeky

Emma: how do you make a Tango Cheeky? Pick a quirky song.

Liz: How has his hair stayed that perfect under a hat?

Emma: I like how they’re hitting those steps on the beat

Liz: Yes, it’s really impressive. And, oh I love that mugshot ending

Judges’ Comments

Liz: His eyes says he was expecting the comment about posture

Emma: It said ‘yeah, I tried’

Emma: If Gorka had been introduced with someone like Laura, I wouldn’t like him.

Liz: I know what you mean, we get to see his funny side.

Judges’ Scores

Emma: I see what you mean about his hair

C: 6 D: 7 L: 7 B: 8 T: 28

Emma: 6?

Liz: I think Emma has an issue with Craig’s scoring this week. Not Gorka’s face though.

Ed Balls and Katya Jones: Samba to ‘Cuban Pete’ from The Mask (watch here)

Liz: I actually think he can dance. Still not sure I wasn’t to see him samba, but he can dance.

Emma: If he didn’t that face, and he wasn’t quite as….erm…slight beer belly perhaps, there would be no question and you wouldn’t be surprised he was so good, And he is a politician.

Liz: The politicians haven’t done well historically.

Emma: This and Judge Rinder are the ones that I look froward too.

Emma: Oh my god he is going for it

Liz: You can’t fault his effort.

Liz: It doesn’t look quite right but I think it is because he is mimicking Jim Carrey.

Emma: *giggling* It’s so much fun. Yvette seem constantly surprised that he can dance.

Liz: What was that impression?

E: OH God.

Judges’ Comments

Liz: I really quite like them

Emma: This is the thing, maybe they didn’t give the other politicians full enough routines,

Liz: It was full and jam-packed, Bruno was right, lunacy, but jam-packed.

Emma: He knows all the names, he may not look like he knows that he’s doing but

Liz: I love a judges brawl.

Judges’ Scores

Emma: Oh they’re still doing it, I love them

Liz: I like Claudia’s use of the word ‘situation’

C: 4 D: 6 L: 7 B: 7 T: 24

Liz: I feel like he’s scoring them purposefully low now.

Louise and Kevin: Cha Cha to ‘What A Feeling’ from Flashdance (watch here)

Liz: I love them,

Emma: Kevin’s face said yeah, that’s exactly what you have to do

Liz: Hello legs.

Liz: I feel like she is too tidy and smooth for this sort of dance,

Emma: She’s having fun though. And so is Bruno apparently.

Liz: She loves this song, doesn’t she?

Emma: Well just look at her, you can tell.

Liz: He looks so proud of her

Emma: I just love them

Judges’ Comments

Emma: Bruno, noooo. It’s really uncomfortable.

Liz: She does look a lot more confident, you’re right Darcey,

Liz: You’re spot on Len, it was fabulous.

Judges’ Scores

C: 7 D: 8 L: 8 B: 8 t: 31

Emma: I thought Bruno was going to go crazy,

Liz: I thought that was better than a 31.


Liz: What is Karen doing?

Emma: Have you seen Kevin’s face? It’s like, Mate?

Liz: I think Ore’s was my favourite

Emma: I am split between that, and Danny’s Zorro Paso

Liz: Oooo yeah, that was good.

What a weekend at the movies! There were lots of amazing dances, and very few poor elements. And this week didn’t feel nearly as long, although Emma did manage to construct a table with a couple of dances to spare! Tomorrow night is the second elimination, and hopefully the first dance-off of the series. And a little sing song with Alfie Boe and Michael Ball. Until then….

….keep dancing.

Results Show:

Pro Dance

Liz: Oh it’s based on Joanne and Aljaz, they look so perfect.

Emma: I like wherever they’re dancing round

Liz: Yeah it was a good stately home

Emma: Aljaz was a dick, that was quite funny.

Liz: Am I the only one who thinks that Giovanni deserves to dance with a mop?

Emma: I really like the outfits the guys have got on, unsurprisingly

Liz: I really like them, and this dance. I like it when they do ballroom pro dances

Emma: Anton didn’t dance at all there.


Liz: OMG what is Claudia wearing?

Emma: It looks like a bedsheet, like when people go to toga parties and they wrap it round themselves.

Liz: If Anastasia is in the dance off this week she better dance, or get booted off.

Emma: Well she nearly fell over there, and I saw an awful lot of Darcey there.


Well there was a huge sigh of relief when we heard Laura and Giovanni were in the dance off followed by a sharp intake of breath. The judges like them which means whoever were named second were in serious jeopardy. The British public can’t be trusted with anything, as if Tameka and Gorka are in the dance-off too. We fear (well I do) that Laura is going to knock out someone we love to watch. At least there will be an actual dance-off this week, though.

The judges advice section seems pointless, I feel like they are just prepping Tameka to go. If Laura knocks Tameka out, I am going to fall into a furious pit of rage and despair. Extreme, but accurate.

I’m furious. This is outrageous. I hate Len, and Emma thinks she does a little bit too. I don’t understand. We both thgouhtt he lifts were sloppy in Laura’s, I thought something major had gone wrong, and Emma thought Giovanni kept looking over to her like ”Shit, she’s messed up how can I cover this up?’

Not only that, I thought Tameka improved. We didn’t think it would be possible to improve your frame per the advice given by the judges, but it did, and her dance was better. Not only did Laura incorporate nothing of what the judges said, but I felt she danced it worse in the dance-off than the main show. We can’t help thinking and feeling that Laura, as a statuesque, skinny, pretty model, has an easier time scoring highly. She was less entertaining. At least Laura (and Giovanni) is clearly not that liked by the public.

I’m just not prepared for a week without Tameka’s laugh, or Gorka’s…well….everything.

This years strictly is just travesty after travesty. First they paired Greg with Natalie, then Laura had the audacity to look at me through the TV screen, then there was the Melvin/Anastasia debacle, and now this? Simply outrageous.

The public gave a good go at tainting movies week forever, hopefully next week will be less emotional, but with the same high level dances. So, until next time….

….keep dancing!

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