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The 140 character review: Marvel Phase 2

The 140 character review is a short and to the point tweet length review of, well, anything really (but mainly books, movies, live productions, and TV shows). It was born from a desire to review everything I watched, read, and saw, without committing to long length reviews.  To see more, click here.

Today, I have continued with one of my favourite collections: The Marvel Universe. I  decided to split it into 3 sections, Phase 1, Phase 2, and TV series, which will be released over 3 weekends. Last week I reviewed Phase 1, and that is where I pick up from now:

Iron Man 3: I love Iron Man, but this is too much, too silly. Pepper finally wears the suit! How does it work without the chest plate? Worst of the 3

Thor 2: The Dark World: Funnier and more self knowing than the 1st, Preferred it, but still my least favourite link in the chain. I love Darcy, underrated character

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Unnecessary build up – we knew who the winter soldier was, but a good film. More a Bucky/Black Widow film though, love the Cap/Widow dynamic

iron_man_3_theatrical_poster thor_-_the_dark_world_poster captain_america_the_winter_soldier







Guardians of the Galaxy: Hilarious, space cowboy adventure. A brilliant new leg of the marvel Cinematic universe. Stunning Cinematography, great music.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Like getting the old boyband back together. Still great, still clever, Disney references abound. Ultron is creepy. Hawkeye has children??

Ant-Man: Creative and fun marvel mould breaking pint sized blockbuster, good but not mindblowing. A solid addition to the MCU and intro to phase 3

guardians ageofulton antman

What do you think of these films? How would you review them, especially in just 140 characters?


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