Adulting: Moving In

I got back from a year abroad over a year ago, and in that time, I have actually had to start living like an adult. Yes, that means all the adult things like cleaning, paying bills, looking after my own place, regular commuting, pensions, plus many many more adulting jobs that you don’t realise you’re woefully under-prepared for until you take on in once foul swoop.

I’ve decided to blog about the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens, of going my own way, morphing from childhood to adultdom. So, every Monday I am going to welcome the week with a post all about Adulting.

I can’t believe I moved out 6 months ago. I have lived in my own place, it’s still standing, the bills are paid, and I love it. I really cannot believe that 6 months have passed since I moved out of my parents house. I liked it there, but living in my own place has been a huge relief and it was the right time. It felt like getting my own life, and like it was the first real step from being a child of my parents, to being my own adult.

Having my own house does come with downsides. I have to control my own bills, the usage of all the utilities. I have to decide my own internet and TV packages, and battle with things that go wrong on my own. OK, so I do everything but the last one – whenever something happens or goes wrong, I still find myself ringing my parents. That’s what they’re there for, right?

I, luckily, didn’t have to do too much decorating, as the place had a good colour palette when I moved in, and was in really good condition. I acquired a lot of furniture from family and friends, and bought what I didn’t have in the form of flat pack furniture. I’ve got to experience Ikea on multiple occasions this year (a great perk to moving into your own place – it’s always a reliable afternoon out) and I’m actually getting quite good at reading the instructions and constructing the furniture itself! Not to mention finding things for the walls, bedding….I mean the list goes on.

I have never felt lonely while I have lived on my own, but it certainly has been a different experience as I have lived with someone throughout my life, even at Uni and whilst traveling. Things are all going to be changing over the next few days, as my good friend Emma (@ The Terror of Knowing) has got a job in the North West and will be moving in. I can’t wait to pick her up tomorrow!

As much as it will be great to have someone to share the house duties with, and split the cost of the bills with, it is more about the company. Emma and I get on really well, of course, but we also bring out the best worst, and the worst bests in each other. That, and we are going to have an epically diverse and complete DVD and book collection.

So that was a small introduction to my adulting posts, I will keep you posted, and hopefully entertained, as I moan and gripe about growing up!

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