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Friday Reads: Ikea

I’ve started a Friday reads post, when I have absolutely no intention of reading this weekend. And that is because my friend Emma has got a job in the North West and is going to be moving into my house. She isn’t actually moving until Tuesday, but there is much that needs doing before she lands.

First things first, I actually need to tidy and clean the house. I do bits and bobs as I go, but it is the kick up the backside I need to really make sure the house is actually in a nice state. The dining room became a bit of a dumping room when I first moved in, and I’ve never gone back to really sort it out. My room looks like a small grenade was thrown in, so that probably should be sorted out, even if it no-one but myself goes in there.

I need to finish putting the house together. I did most things when I moved in, but then everything ground to a halt, and I just stopped doing it up. I probably should go back and finish now as someone else will be living there. It’s only little things like putting things up on the wall, gloss the remainder of the skirting boards, that sort of thing. It hopefully won’t take too long once I get going. I’ve also realised some extra pieces of furniture that I really need to get, so I’m taking the opportunity for a family outing to Ikea tomorrow to buy said furniture. It should help me put things away once and for all that currently have no home in the house.

Emma’s room, or what will be her room, needs doing as well. It’s the last room in the house that isn’t done, and it needs sorting before she moves in. The spare room is done so the plan is that she moves in there while we do up her room. It was the only room in the house that ever required anything doing, so we left it until someone planned to move in, and that time has come. There are holes in the wall that need filling from old shelving, the carpet needs redoing, and there is a bit of painting (mainly to get rid of a horrendous lime green wall) that also needs doing. Once that has been done, it will be another trip to Ikea to buy furniture. I’m sure in a couple of weeks I will end up doing another Friday reads that says my plan is to read Ikea furniture instructions and nothing else.

I loved living with my friend’s at uni, and although I’ve never actually lived with Emma, it kind of feels like a more adult version of that life. I didn’t mind living on my own at all, in fact, I actually quite liked it, but it will be nice to have a friend about the place as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, and I plough through it all, I will try and read some of A Storm of Swords Part 2, because I am still stuck on that book!

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