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I’ve visited Sarah a couple of times in her natural surroundings, but we have never had a group trip down to see her, and I haven’t been to see her since her relocation to Cardiff. November was the last time we had a group together, so it was prime time to collect in one place, and as Sarah had the flat to herself, we thought we would make the effort to go and see her.

Sadly, Emma couldn’t make it on the trip, so after collecting Cath and the boys, we got on our way and started the drive down to South Wales. I’m not sure, in hindsight, if it was not a good thing that Emma didn’t make it! I now know what it feels like to drive with children in the back – I think she would have struggled between the troublesome two-some! We actually made surprisingly good time, so good in fact we arrived as Sarah was vacating the shower!

When we arrived, we settled for going to the local pub and getting some food. It was one of the first games of the season, and the first Friday night football of the new season, so it was pretty busy when we arrived there. We ordered food and crammed ourselves into a minuscule corner table. We had the obligatory catch up, and enjoyed spending time with each other for the first time in months! It was going swimmingly until the boys smashed a glass in the middle of the quiet pub. The locals didn’t seem amused, and the look on Sarah’s face said she might not be visiting her local too many times in the imminent future.

We got up when we got up (which sounds stupid, I realise, but for someone who works from 6am, not having an alarm clock and waking up naturally is a big deal!) and slowly got ready and had breakfast. We didn’t have many plans other than going into the city, so we eventually piled into the car and headed towards the bay.

cardiffAs a Whovian and Torchwood aficionado, I was looking forward to seeing Cardiff bay, the Millennium centre, and the large silver fountain that conceals the (completely real) entrance to the Torchwood hub. It literally looks like it does on the TV, which I find often doesn’t happen. It was a shame it rained while we down there, but did afford us the chance to nip in and see the Roald Dahl shop and fawn over childhood memories of reading his wonderful books (and when I say childhood, I mean adulthood too, because, re-reads!)

We wandered around the city for a while, on the hunt for Welsh pies and Welsh cakes for dinner and snacks. They guys had never had Welsh cakes (both Sarah and I thought this was a travesty) so we spent the time before visiting the Millennium (or Principality as it now is) stadium. We popped in the Welsh Rugby store, although there wasn’t much there, before heading to the stadium.

We didn’t go to the stadium to visit the place itself. We were going for the cinema. As a Liverpool fan, I’ve witness some fabulous moments there in the early 2000’s on the TV, so it was nice to see the stadium for myself. The stadium has built in it an entertainment complex, with a gym, bowling alley, and cinema, so we took the cheap tickets offer to get out of the rain and went too Suicide Squad. I’ve read the bad reviews, but I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was messy and the plot was thin at best, but it was enjoyable unhinged chaos.

That night we revisited another uni staple and went to Wetherspoons for tea. The drama at home with my front door lock did slightly tinge the evening, but all round it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with friends. The trip home was quick and safe (we dodged a massive tailback with some skillful directions eh Cath?!) and I became more and more jealous of Scott’s Trip to South America. I think it is now top of my travel bucket list!

2 thoughts on “Cardiff”

  1. I’m glad to hear you guys had such a great time! 😀

    I’m also glad to hear I wasn’t sat between two children for hours but, you know, shame otherwise. 😛


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