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A couple of years ago, way before I travelled round the world, a year before I finished my degree, I visited my friend Sarah in Swansea. It was a great weekend, and spurned became affectionately known as ‘Swindon’ and ‘S***, that’s the sea’. It had been too long since I had visited South Wales, and more importantly visited Sarah, so I thought it was about time I tested my new car out and drove down to see her.
Last time, Sarah introduced to many places that became instant favourites, and I almost demanded to return to. The legendary pub ”The Office” in the city centre was such a big part of our last trip that I couldn’t wait to go back. Although the music wasn’t quite as good as the last time I was there, the heavy metal and rock theme remained, and I timed it right to watch Wales play in the Six Nations in a Welsh pub; quite the experience let me tell you!
We had another night out on Wind Street. I do like a night out every now and then, but I’m that much older and out of the swing of it that the one night wiped us out for the rest of the weekend.  No more crazy Swindon stories, or crazy drinking with having the car, but still a good one.
One thing I learnt after my last visit was that the answer to everything lay in Uplands Diner. The breakfasts served there are legendary in the area and should be country wild they’re that good. I made it a necessary visit, and it did not let me down,. Unfortunately the other culinary delight I wanted to sample wasn’t really appropriate for the cold February. Joe’s ice-cream is famous through the region and was something I enjoyed on the bank holiday in August years ago. I have something other than Sarah to travel back for!
The weekend was nice and relaxed throughout and was the perfect way to unwind on a weekend off with a good friend. We had a throwback pool session to the days when we were on our college team for Pool and Lancaster Uni  (yes the Pendle!) and had a relaxed time bumming round the city seeing the sights and doing as little as possible. Sometimes that is exactly what a girl needs after a month in work.
An added bonus of the whole trip was popping in to see my Aunt and Uncle on the way too and from Swansea. As Wolverhampton is a good middle point between Warrington (where I work) and Swansea, I stopped in to see them and stay over on both the way there and the way back. It broke the journey up which made the driving easier, and it allowed me to spend a little bit of time with them too.

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