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Bout of Books 17: Day 6

bout of booksYesterday was an unmitigated disaster of a Bout of Books day, so I am determined to make the most of the penultimate day of Bout of Books 17, Yes, you did read that correctly, the PENULTIMATE day! It’s scary how fast this week has gone. I’m hoping to make some serious progress after my early(ish) night yesterday! 


5:00am: These early starts don’t get any easier, and sometimes, even though I like having my afternoon and evening free, I like a lie-om before work on a Saturday. I’ll have to save that for my monster 11am-10pm shifts next week, eh? I have packed my book optimistically today, let’s hope the bank holiday weekend is nice and quiet at work. Emma has really immersed herself back in A Song of Ice and Fire, and I feel like I need to so the same before I fall so far behind that I lose the will to continue!

2:30pm: Liverpool failed to take their chances and beat Spurs, and I have only read 5 pages. Well today is going swimmingly isn’t it. At least I have eaten properly already today, and I am probably awake enough to read something later. I just need to crack on with it and stop allowing breaks (easier said than done apparently).

5:15pm: I haven’t read anymore, but I have finally involved myself in the twittersphere during Bout of Books. The chats are usually on when I am in work or in bed (what with the time-zones) so it has been nice to chat with other book lovers and read so many great ideas and recommendations! It has *almost* made me think about picking up my book again today”

8:00pm: Tomorrow is my last of the early shift’s this weekend, and is going to lead into the bank holiday – which I have off. Whoooop! I have also been reading, and have finally experience the ‘well that escalated quickly’ event that is the Red Wedding, as I have read….*drum roll please*…110 pages. Yep, you read that staggering (considering the success of this Bout of Books for moi) page count correctly. Let’s hope tomorrow is as successful, and I can round off this delightful Bout of Books with a successful weekend!


There is no official challenge or challenge host today, so the challenge set by Bout of Books has been simply to read. Considering my track record this week, I couldn’t have really had one much worse!

My challenge at the beginning of the week to involve myself with other Bout of Book-ers on twitter though is now well underway, as I have completed my first (enjoyable) twitter chat!


Well today was momentously better than everyday this week when it comes to Bout of Books 17. I’ve done a full day at work, I have read well over 100 pages of A Storm of Swords, and now as the red wedding has occurred I am gripped once again. I have also (finally) taken part in a Bout of Books twitter chat.

How is your Bout of Books going? Did you take part in the twitter chat today? What have you been reading?


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