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Bout of Books 17: Day 4

bout of booksDay 4: officially more than half way through. This also might be the worst attempt at a Bout of Books readathon I have ever had in terms of pages read. It’s been pitiful so far. I don’t see a day of Trafford Centre shopping and pub quizzing enabling many more reading sessions either.

How is your Bout of Books going? Have you read more than you thought you would or found it a little difficult to put the time in?


8:30am: I had a little bit of a lie-in this morning. Well, I didn’t get up super early, and had a bit of time to do very little when I first woke-up, which made a nice change. Emma is up and preparing for her interview (fingers crossed.)

12:30pm: I have done a little bit of reading today. I was distracted by Tom Hiddleston and Ryan Reynolds on Instagram while Emma went for her interview, so when I finally got around to picking the book up I only actually read about 15 pages. She has hinted the Red Wedding is going to occur in the near future, so maybe I should try and get a few pages read later? For now, we’re shopping aimlessly in the Trafford Centre. We haven’t been to Waterstones or HMV yet, so I fear the purchases are still yet to come today!

8:30pm: I did spend money in both of the previously mentioned stores. I do think, however, that purchasing just 2 books and 2 CD’s counts as a victory for minimal spending. And I have finally read a few more pages, woo!! I am now up to page 50, and while there has been no sign of the red wedding so far, I am much further into the book!

11:30pm: We had a poor week at the quiz (for once) and came home empty handed – even after getting 10/10 on the picture quiz! As I am in work at 6am, I should probably not read anything tonight. Hopefully I will remember my book tomorrow and crack on with ASoS Part 2!


Today’s challenge has come courtesy of The Book Junkie, and is called ”Titles in the Tabloids”. I have read a little bit of 3 books during Bout of Books, and have gone with the easiest one to make a headline out of. I would like to preface this by saying I haven’t finished reading it yet, and I am sorry if it spoils any element of the story. I have based my title on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

”The country goes dementor-ed on Voldemort Day”


Today has been awesome. I had a great day at the Trafford Centre with a good, I bought some books, and got some reading done. A proper day off.


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