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Bout of Books 17: Day 1

bout of booksIt is that wonderful time of year again where I remember how much I enjoy simultaneously reading and blogging and throw myself into the delightfully low-key and friendly Bout of Books readathon. For more information, please check out the ladies’ lovely Blog, where you can also sign up for all the fun too!


11:ooam: I need to finish A Storm of Swords before what little momentum I have left runs out. I have managed to read a chapter, about 15 pages, of Part 1, and I am getting closer to the end. Part 1 only has around 50 pages left, so if I make a proper effort I can get it done by the end of the day. I hope. I have already done the challenge for the day, which is below, and I have done a couple of important things that needed doing round the house, which is progress too. I am hoping success with this will help me with my #readASOIAF efforts!

3:00pm: I have done precisely no more reading. I have done a bit of a food shop, which given my freezer briefly packed up while i was away, was definitely needed. A girl has gotta eat!

7:00pm: I made a tactical error and went on Youtube AND buzzfeed. I know, it is shameful. To top if off, I then started watching episode 4 or Arrow’s second season. Before I knew it I was on episode 7. It just happened.

10:00pm: It’s time for bed and I have still not done any reading. So disappointing. The whole point of a readathon and I haven’t done a thing. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and all of that jazz.


The lovely Lori at Writing My Own Fairytale  has been tasked with the first challenge of Bout of Books 17. And as normal, she has delivered a little gem that has had me frantically thinking. It is based on book-to-movie adaptations, and should be simpler than I am making it I am sure.

I can be quite indecisive when it comes to books and movies, so I have done a couple for the best and a couple for the worst! I haven’t necessarily gone for the best films critically, but have gone for my favourites and those that impressed me, or the ones that disappointed:

The Best

  • The best book that was made into the best movie

JunglebookCover The-Jungle-Book1967

The_Jungle_Book_(2016)When I was a child, I loved The Jungle Book. I watched it over and over, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. When I got older and read the book, I realised how great an adaptation it was.

Move on many years, and a new version comes out, surely disappointing, full of jolting special effects. Nope, another great movie adaptation from a fantastic story.

Not only has the story carried over to make an animation classic, but it has been ground breaking in a new type of CGI live action film.

  • The best movie sparked from an ordinary or sub-standard book

fight-club-book-cover 130921a2-ef65-4e30-acdc-1d646c9d2cb0

I would like to start by saying that I don’t think the book is rubbish, or sub-standard, I just didn’t think it was brilliant. The style didn’t fit with me well, and I didn’t get the fuss or the hype.

That cannot be said for the movie, which I thought was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it turned an ordinary book into a brilliant film.

The Worst

  • The worst movie from a good book


I really did enjoy reading A series of Unfortunate Events. Considering how much I enjoy children’s books this hardly comes as a shock, but these were pretty good. The misery and the stories, and the bizarre situations that befell the Baudelaire’s was captivating, and I was excited when I head that the movie was coming out.

And then I saw the movie. I don’t like Jim Carrey one bit, so maybe that was a large influence on my opinion, but I thought this was nothing short of rubbish. I really disliked the style and the way the stories were entwined, and thought the whole thing was a disappointing mess.


  • The worst movie from a poor story

va Vampire_Academy

I would like to preface this by saying that I didn’t think the books were brilliant. I did consume them at a rapid pace while I lived in Thailand, and did enjoy them, but they are not well written, and the stories are thin at best.

It’s not really a surprise then that the movie adaptation is one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It is monumental in the bad movie adaptation stakes. Actually, just in the bad movie stakes.


I did the challenge, which is at least something. It is about the only positive I can take as I think I only read a chapter of A Storm of Swords all day. Ooops.

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