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Disasters and Reunions

My first week back in England has been one full of mixed emotions. I’ve made new friends, and reconnected with old ones; I’ve made appointments and begun the dreaded process of a personal MOT; I’ve had the worst Bout of Books week that I have ever had; and I am struggling a little through the boredom that is the world of unemployment.

First and fore most, I’d like to apologise for my continuing lack of presence here. I know it is inconsequential to most people whether I type blog posts or not, but I am annoyed with myself about starting things and not completing them. Bout of Books was an absolute disaster. I read nothing that I set out to read, I signed up, but between travelling to Lancaster and a job hunt, I completely neglected the duties of blogging and challenging throughout. I vow to make a better go of it in January!

As for my blog, again, I am sorry. I still haven’t completely the entries for my travelling, which is pretty stupid considering the length of time I have been back. It is my next duty now as my room is in a fit state to spend time in and my unpacking and sorting is almost 100% complete. There may be a few posts go on in the next, let us say 96 hours, about my time in Florida that should cap off the year’s travels.

My week back has been enjoyable, however, as I have made new friends and finally managed to reconnect with old ones. I got to travel to Lancaster for Pendle’s 40th anniversary. It was a great excuse for everyone to meet up, tell stories, and enjoy each others company at university, possibly for the final time. It has also been nice to reconnect with old school friends that I somewhat lost touch with while at university and abroad.

I’m finally settling back down from being away. I don’t yet have a routine, or a job, but things are starting to return to normal now.

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