Boy oh boy is the South hot! Both of us thought the heat in Charlotte was cranking up, and that Atlanta was hot, but it has been a long time since I felt as hot as I did in Alabama! It’s kind of sad that our time here is going to be spent in the hotel room, what with the rich history and civil rights significance, but my foot definitely needs it and there is a lot of nerdy nerdy things to catch up on from Comic-Con and Nerd HQ!

We both crashed on our arrival in Montgomery the night before, so we went to breakfast not realising quite how hot it would feel, and that we were in the middle of fast food heaven. The breakfast was pretty good, and we managed to gather lunch from it before returning back to the room to watch Novak and Roger battle it our for the Wimbledon final. As much as I wanted Roger to win, the final was amazing and being able to watch it was great; even if it’s rubbish in comparison to BBC coverage.

We decided that we really really wanted to go to the pool while we were in Montgomery, so suited up and put sun cream on. We took our books to the edge of the water, and settled ourselves on sunloungers. Within 10 minutes, we both had our legs in the pool, which was too warm to cool us off and too dirty to go in. Within 20 minutes, we were both back in the room trying to cool down after the heat blast.

We spoke to home and got even more excited about things coming in Florida. I can’t believe it is now just a week until I see everyone and get to go back to Disney. It’s been too long, on both counts! It feels strange to think that this is our second to last place before we hit Orlando.

The rest of the day was spent as in as nerdy a fashion as possible. We spent hours catching up on the gossip, the comic-con panels, the glory of Nerd HQ, and of course (our favourite part) the Marvel Dubsmash war. I think we’re beginning to realise, or unlock, our geekier sides. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The Dubsmash war finally made us watch Agent Carter. Daredevil wasn’t holding our attention, so we turned our attentions to Peggy and we’re hooked.

A side note to this post is Comic-Con and Nerd HQ. We really have unleashed our inner geeks in the past few days watching and following announcements, interviews and panels from both SDCC and Nerd HQ. As much as I like what happens at SDCC, it is Nerd HQ that I really like. The intimate panels, sometimes frankly ridiculous questions, and hilarity that comes out of the Operation Smile charity fundraiser, the brain child of actor Zac Levi is just awesome.

Back to Montgomery though. A discovery of this trip has been Taco Bell, so we went to the one next to our hotel and bought a combo box before heading back and nerding out again. When you only have a bus the next day, nerding out is a good way to spend time.


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