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I’m really not sure that our impressions of the place are based on the place itself, or more the individual that took it upon himself to make sure that we had seen more of Charlotte than many of it’s locals. And by golly is it warming up there, really really warming up now!

When we arrived, our big bags were unloaded from the bus, and a guy saw how much we had, and offered us a lift to our hotel. It saved us on a taxi fare, and he gave us his number so we could ring him and have dinner with his wife at his house. As much as we weren’t sure about that offer, we were glad to feel the Southern welcome.

The hotel room wasn’t ready when we arrived, and as we were desperate to get away from the less than polite hotel guy, we made our way to Freedom Park. My foot was still bad, but we didn’t want to completely miss out on Charlotte, so we sat in the park for an hour or so relaxing. In an effort to be polite, we texted the Michael to say thank you and politely decline his offer of dinner as we were leaving the next day.

He offered us a tour of the city. Not only did he offer us a tour of the town, but he offered to take us for grits, a local ‘delicacy’. His wife was not what we were quite expecting when we were picked up, but the tour and food went ahead. We were shown round everything, from the stadiums to the spitting fish, the fountains to the mansions. It was an incredibly thorough tour that finished in the diner that serves the best grits in town. They were actually quite nice, but I think I will keep with porridge.

I would have rather his wife had not ran errands, as seeing him in the fountains clearly made to entertain children was a little unsettling, but it was a great and thorough way of seeing everything Charlotte had to offer. He very kindly offered to take us to the station the next morning with his friend Brian. As much as we were ready to see the back of baking Charlotte and Michael (he was starting to seem very strange) the lift with our bags was appreciated, and we chalked the exuberance up to the fact we were strangers in a less travelled city.

I’m not sure ‘y’all come get some grits’ will stay a favourite line from the trip, but thanks for the hospitality Charlotte.

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