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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2015

toptentuesdayI can’t believe it is half way through the year already. This time in two weeks I will be at home. It seems so close (probably because it is!). I’ve started counting down the days, rather than weeks, until we arrive in Disney. I am so excited; we are both so excited. In the past week, we have started booking fastpasses, and they are appearing on the Disney experience app thingy. It’s actually happening.

Back to TTT. The ladies over at Broke and Bookish have just celebrated the fifth birthday of Top Ten Tuesdays; but this week it’s back to normal. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2015. I think I have already read over 50 books this year, so choosing the Top Ten isn’t going to be that easy. I’ll give it a go anyway

  1. 1984 George Orwell – I took a little bit to get into it, or maybe it was follow it properly, but once I was into it, I couldn’t put it down, despite it’s intense subject. Such a good book, I can’t believe I have never read it before now. I am very glad I have started to read some better quality books.
  2. Die Trying Lee Child – The first Jack Reacher novel was pretty good, but there was a lot of introductions and nonsense that wasn’t in the sequel. Die Trying had all the elements of a decent thriller/chase/all-action hero story. It was a good read!
  3. Chasing Daisy Paige Toon – I like the way she writes, and links all of her books with her intricate web of character relationships, but this one was the strongest for me. Maybe it was just because of the formula 1 element, and that I would love that job, but I liked it and so it is on here.
  4. The BFG Roald Dahl – Yes, it was technically a re-read, but it highlighted all the elements of Dahl’s crazy imagination that I like (excpet the bit that made the Child Catcher look like he does.) I just love the ridiculous-ness of the story and the relationship between Sophie and the BFG.
  5. 12 Years a Slave Solomon Northup – I didn’t particularly enjoy this book; I’m not sure it is possible to enjoy reading the subject matter. That said, it was a fascinating memoir and one that I am very glad that I stuck with. It’s hard slog, but it’s a must read. I’m glad I read it before I see the film too, although now as I have finished it, I think it may take a while to pluck up the courage to watch the film.
  6. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson – I gave this a go years ago, and really couldn’t get into it despite the fact everyone else was reading it. At the beginning of the year I thought I would give it another shot, and absolutely loved it. Lisbeth Salander has gone straight into my favourite literary characters.
  7. The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson – It wasn’t as good as the first, there is no doubt, but I still loved it; probably because of Lisbeth. It was a little more convoluted and a little less polished than the first, but still such a good read.
  8. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J K Rowling – It is my favourite book in the Harry Potter series, and as the Harry Potter series is my favourite set of books, it is of course going to be in the Top 10 books that I have read so far this year list.
  9. The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde – I have struggled through some of the ‘better’ reads that I started reading, but this book was not one of them. I wasn’t sure during the first chapter, but his narcissism and storyline kept me hooked more so than many thrillers have. Possibly my favourite ‘classic’ read that I have finished so far.
  10. Perfect Strangers Tasmina Perry – I am still not sure if I thought it was one the best books I’ve read, but it mixed the girly books that I read to deflect the heavy stuff in my action-y books, with a thriller/chase element. And it worked pretty well. She has a few more books like it that might appear on my TBR for the summer.

So, what have you been reading this year and what have you especially liked? I might have a nosey and have a read myself!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2015”

  1. This has served as a reminder that I need to finish (/re-read) both The Picture of Dorian Gray and 1984! I hate having them on my DNF shelf considering I’m sure I was enjoying both of them but I was just a less disciplined reader when I picked them up, haha đŸ˜›


  2. Yeah you definitely have to re-read/finish them both! They are both such good books, 1984 especially.

    I really need to crack on with my DNF shelf. Thankfully it is short at the moment but I still need to work on it to reduce it to 0!


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