Happy Anniversary To Me!

As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, this blog is celebrating it’s one year anniversary today. That means it is one year since Emma and I sat on the sofa in her University house watching Netflix, making fajitas, and constructing a wordpress that I did not yet know how to use.

A year, 10 countries, over 75 books, 50 films, 15 TV shows, and countless experiences later, and I am still remembering to post regularly, and more importantly enjoy doing it.And what a year this bucket list feat has been! I definitely think that I can say that my 23rd and 24th years have been my best yet (and I still have a few months of my 24th to go.) The past 12 months have seen my graduate from University with an actual degree, travel the world (literally), move to a different continent and live there with a proper job, and visit places and do things that I have dreamt about for a long time. My bucket list has taken a hammering!

I’ve joined some online communities that during our travels have kept me entertained in countless bored marking sessions and endless bus and train journeys. And lucky for me, not only have they welcomed me, but I will be able to continue to be apart of them when I return home, no matter how much money I have!

Not only have I explored, I have discovered a lot too. I don’t want to go on a whole ‘I’ve found myself’ rant, but I think it probably has changed me a little. I don’t think travelling around the world, seeing new cultures and teaching in a new country can do anything else but leave a mark. I definitely feel like I have grown up a lot; something that I am sure my parents will appreciate more when I get back.

I have also realised that actually making an effort and doing something is often the best way forward. I know many of you will be sitting there all ‘well duh Liz’ but seriously, I have realised this. I ahve been saying I wanted to travel for year,s but I saved and got off my arse, and I have done it, and it’s been great. I have been saying for even longer that I wanted to lose weight, but I have finally actually made an effort to eat less and do more, and surprise surprise, it seems to be working.

I am not sure how I will transfer what I have learnt in the past year to the year ahead, but if I can work out away, I am sure that I will actually complete many of the Grand Plans that have formulated in my brain over the past year.

So here is to a wonderful year, and and hopefully an even more productive twelve months!

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Me!”

  1. Aaah fajita day was a good day, was that also terry’s chocolate orange flapjack day? We lived the life of luxury that week tbh. 😛

    I’m glad to have helped even a little bit with the blogging business though; this has been such a wonderful way for you to document everything about your travels and for me to be nosy and live vicariously through your travel blogs. Happy blogiversary!


    1. I do believe fajita day and Terry’s chocolate orange flapjack day were one and the same! Such a good week.

      You helped more than a little bit, so thank you again. And you’re right, it has been the perfect way to document my travels, and actually remember what I have done!

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