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Happy New Year – Welcome to 2558 (2015)

It is officially New Year in Bangkok, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s just entered the year 2558 in Thailand, 2015 is already here, signalling over 3 months or travelling, and yet another unbelievable, unforgettable,  and extraordinary event in a crazy adventure.

It seems almost poetic that my 100th blog post is for New Year!

I still haven’t worked out why the years are different yet,  but in Thailand, we’re now in the year 2558. It’s almost like time-travel! They make a bigger deal about New Years here than they do about Christmas, so we thought we’d get into the swing of things,.

Firstly that meant coming to Bangkok. Neither Jade or I have ever done the big crowd,  firework and streamer filled,  city centre countdown,  and as Bangkok is the 8th best place in the world to watch the countdown,  we had to be there.  It was fairly rammed, with hundreds of thousands of people packing into various city locations,  mainly central world where we went.  The big screens had countdowns, there was a stage with streamers, acts,  and crazy hats,  and a big firework display of the roof of the shopping  centre.

It was good. We both got to count the New Year in a great way,  and despite the hoards of people,  and the squished subway, we got lots of cool selfies and welcomed the New Year in with style (our shades are to cool). Even Neal got in on the act.

And so with a New Year comes contemplation regarding the last 12 months,  and hopes and plans for the upcoming year.  2014 was a good year,  I said goodbye and left many things behind,  including graduating university,  and i launched into the adventure of a lifetime.

With such a good 2014 behind me, it’s hard to believe 2015, or 2558, can be as good.  With a minimum of 8 countries to travel to,  countless experiences left to complete, and  bucket list moments to strikethrough, I’m hoping the new year is my best yet.

And with this new year, come my New Years resolutions:

1. Lose 10% of my body weight.
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week,  every week
3. Learn Spanish
4. Draw a picture every day for the whole year
5. Have an alcohol free 2015

I hope wherever you are and however you to choose to spend your New Years Eve, you have a great one,  and that your 2015 is full of health,  happiness,  and wonderful memories.

Best wishes,  and a very happy new year!


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