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It’s beginning to look a lot like …

…another standard Wednesday Evening.

Happy Christmas Eve everybody (unless you’ve already made it to Christmas Day, in which case, Happy Christmas!). I can’t believe Christmas Eve is already here. I can’t believe I have been travelling for over 3 months. I can’t believe Jade and I left Bangkok for Roi-Et exactly 2 months ago today. Time flies.

This is only going to be a short post, but I thought I’d get it in before Christmas Day.

I have been teaching Christmas at school this week. It’s been far and away my best week.The kids have been really attentive, learnt a lot, and really got stuck into their activities. To be fair, I always loved doing Christmas activities as well, so I can hardly blame them. The music playing in the background is novel for them too, and they love it. Well, they love Jingle Bells, and Let it Go. I know the latter isn’t a Christmas song, but it is getting them to sing and learn English words, so I am not going to stop them. It’s starting to get a little boring now, but then I only have one teaching day left now.

Friday is sports day, and I am not in my school like normal. I, and all the kids from my school, are spending the day at Jade’s school for a mega sports and activities day to end the first half of the semester. I ma looking forward to it, even if they have asked us to be involved in this heat. I say that like it’s really hot, it’s been 16 degrees this week, that really is not that warm, especially considering the clothing I have with me.

There may be Christmas music playing everywhere, the children may be wearing assorted jumpers and hats of the Christmas variety, and I may have spent the week drawing a variety of Christmas pictures on the board, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve. It’s the first time I’ve had to work the complete festive period, which I don’t mind too much. Combine that with the heat, the lack of celebration, and the whole being half way round the world thing, and the Christmas feeling just isn’t hitting me much this year.

Hopefully yhat will change tomorrow, in school or with friends if we go out in the evening. And of course there are presents, if they survive tonight! I will fill you in. One thing’s for sure, I miss a home Christmas!

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