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The 140 character TV show review – I blame Emma

When I first moved from County to Pendle college at Lancaster University, it’s safe to say I hated the place. I had next to no friends on campus, and I was fed up with my course. Fast forward a couple of years, I’ve graduated with a BSc Honours degree from Lancaster University in Geography, I’ve made some awesome friends, and I am travelling the world (with one of them, although I think that is going to be the first and last time I call you awesome Jade ;P)

One of these friends was, well is, Emma.  She is lovely, and likes a lot of the same things as I do, with some notable exceptions (well just sport really eh Emma?) Anyway, we like similar things, especially when it comes to movies and TV shows. Emma very kindly showed me/told me about, some TV shows that went on to become addictions. In no way was any of this my fault, she forcibly held me down and made me watch them, over 100 episodes of them to be precise, as a form of torture.

OK, a tad overboard. They’re really great:

Graceland – The opposite of the beach location and fresh-faced cast. Gritty, hardcore, investigative show that toes the realistic line perfectly

Hannibal – Visually stunning, yet incredibly gruesome, psychologically brilliant adaptation, but sometimes a little too hard to watch

White Collar – Suave, funny, intelligent, attractive, and that’s just Bomer’s Neal Caffrey. A brilliantly crafted show that is severely under the radar

Sherlock – The most irritatingly and brilliantly self-aware, clever, weaving, mind-boggling, and well cast show currently on TV.

5 thoughts on “The 140 character TV show review – I blame Emma”

  1. I love love LOVE that I get the blame for this, and do you know what? I 100% take all the blame and punishment. I think my biggest success was White Collar tbh, within 5 seconds of Neal Caffrey being on-screen, I knew I had you hooked. 😛


    1. Haha. I am glad that you have 0 remorse and that you are (dare I say it) proud of yourself!! I am very sad that next week is the final ever White Collar, I am going to miss it! I think it was your best success as well, I think it may have been 3 seconds y’know! What’s not to love?!

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